LEGO Train Crossing Carrera GO Slot Car Track! Version 1 – How I am combining LEGO Trains and Carrera Go Slot Cars by custom cutting the tracks. This is an expermint to see what is involved. Later I will try to make improvements to the design. Right now it is just being held together with packing tape – but it is working. A few tweaks then we will likely just glue it. I would like to solder on the electrical connections but for the purposes of testing it out, it was not necessary. We used a power functions LEGO freight [More]
This is a battle between ghost cars on my Carrera track.
Scalextric 360° turntable video by Slotcar Ltd. Just one of our HUGE Slot Car range at
¿Cual de estas 10 ARMAS LETALES explotará el mayor numero de GLOBOS con agua de un DISPARO? (Nerf, Espada, Avión, Árbol de Navidad, Bebe de juguete, Lápiz, Tenedor, Bola de pinchos, Scalextric, Hacha o el Coche Radiocontrol).Hagan sus más locas apuestas!!El PUENTE en la PISCINA no ha sido buena idea… jajaja Canal de Claudio → ↓ MAS VÍDEOS DIVERTIDOS en VERANO y en la PISCINA ↓ ► 10 ARMAS LETALES vs 10 GLOBOS → ► HUEVOS OLÍMPICOS | 50 HOSTIAS de JEYX (Mejores caídas) → ► CORRIENDO SOBRE EL AGUA 3 (EXTREMO) → ► GLOBOS OLÍMPICOS → Contacto Profesional:
Action packed practice & Race film. No fancy camera angles. From Baksida slot race track, Norway. Track length: 32.8 meters. 1:24 scale lap record: 9.697 seconds in car nr 10 Carrera Digital unmodified, by P.J.L. Norway.
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Carrera D132 1/32 Digital DTM Tuning Video How do I tuning a Carrera car to run well witout the magnets?