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Cloverleaf Racing’s scale racing specialist Dave Wickham demonstrates the processing of gluing silicone Quick Slick tires to aluminum wheels using SCC’s tire gluing tool. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channels for more videos.
Slot cars are something I played with as a kid and I remember having a blast racing my brother and dad and building new tracks. one thing I am still very good at is crashing the slot-cars, I was always the best at crashing the slot cars but I am not that proud of that. MRC hosts official races with S.C.H.O.R. you can check their website out here and more info on the MRC Shop here in my shop tours video Facebook is where I post most of my Karting Content and bigger life happenings Twitch is [More]
This will be the first of many Slot Car King Of The Hill Drag Races on our channel. Choose 1 car in the comments below. We will shoutout 3 Youtubers that choose the winning car. Watch the cars leave the starting line before you decide your ride. We are using 1/32 scale cars from various brands including some customs. Enjoy the burnouts…
Slot car racing European Championship Finals\r\rMore info:
Mid American Hardbody Slot Racing Club national championship race held at At the Track raceway in Southbend, Indiana. Racers were from Illinois, Indiana and Michigan. 1/24 scale slot cars racing Illinois, USA. by B&E Slotsport Join Mid American Hardbody series races. Check out our events by visiting
It’s RACE DAY! The picks are in and the cars are lined up for side by side drag racing KING OF THE HILL Style. No Prep, No Tree Go on 3 style. Let,s see who takes it.
In this Workbench edition, we take a look at the new JAG Hobbies HO Racing Slot Car Chassis. Generally this is a speedy little in-line motor style chassis that takes screw-post style Aurora / AW T-Jet bodies. I found the cars interesting and fun. They may be a little fast at 18 volts for some guys. I would say 15 to 16 volts would be about right. They probably would be about perfect with the standard factory set wall packs that don’t all put out high current and voltage.
Here is something I never knew existed! An old Slot Car Speedway like when I was a kid. They have Drag Racing too.
*Suscríbete [ Unboxing de esta magnífica caja. Como fondo hemos utlizado otras cajas Playmobil ® (4023*5176*5564*5616*5974*5566) El furgón policial; comisaría alemana; camión de unidades especiales; camión retén de bomberos; furgón SWAT y el furgón del dinero. \r**********************MIRA OTROS DE NUESTROS VÍDEOS************\r\r*BARCOS PIRATA DE PLAYMOBIL ® [\r\r*PLAYMOBIL ® WILD LIFE: Casa del árbol de aventuras (5557); pick-up de aventura (5558); bote hinchable con exploradores (5559) e hidroavión de extinción de incendios (5560) [\r\r*Playmobil ® SET/COLECCIÓN Policía/Polizei/Police [\r\r*Stickers Panini de la UEFA EURO 2016 [ \r\r*LEGO y HOT WHEELS [\r\r*La Final de Champions 2016 entre el Real Madrid y el Atlético de [More]