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31 Janvier 2014 Finale A sous différents angles
Eco park is one of the beautiful site to visit in cherrapunjee. A large « Eco Park » established by the Meghalaya government in the plateau, which hosts several hybrid and indigenous orchids in the Green House donated by Shillong Agri-Horticultural Society. Also the Eco Park offers breathtaking view of distant Sylhet Plains of neighbouring Bangladesh. There is a stream inside the park and one has to cross a bridge to get near the edge of the canyon. The scenic beauty from the edge is awe inspiring. The Nohsngithiang Falls originate from the southern egde of the park. Cheerapunji also called Sohra, [More]
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Welcome to ToyCollector blucollection. Mattel has just released several diecast cars and planes for Disney Planes2 Fire & Rescue and Disney Pixar Cars2 and Cars-Toons. From RS500 Radiator Springs 500 1/2 there is: Shifty Sidewinder, Off-Road Lightning McQueen and Blue Grit. They are pullback plastic cars. Also from RS500 die-cast Off-Road Mater 1:55 scale. Disneystore released their Chase Edition of Souvenirs Pistoncup Mater. From Disney Planes2 Fire & Rescue there are 2 Riplash Flyers: Blade Ranger and Windlifter. And from Cars2 Race Fans Series: Kimberly Rims and Carinne Cavvy. They are 1:55 scale die-cast cars. Thanks for watching Blucollection. \r\rAccording [More]
Cheerapunji also called Sohra, Cherrapunjee and Charrapunji, is a town in East Khasi Hills district in the Indian state of Meghalaya. It is credited as being the wettest place on Earth. However, nearby Mawsynram has more rainfall nowadays, and both are surpassed by Lloró, Colombia. Today, climatic changes have edged Cherrapunji out of the topmost ‘wet’ slot, but it still retains its pristine beauty, its unusual facets, the perpetual clouds, and the perpetual mists. Appropriately, Cherrapunji lies in the heart of the State of Meghalaya-the abode of clouds. It is the traditional capital of a hima which is a Khasi [More]
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