Több mint 40 féle távirányítós autó kezdőtől a profiig, CarreraRC és Ninco márkák, azonnal készletről! https://kisautok.hu/taviranyitos-auto A távirányítós modellek készre szerelten érkeznek, csak az akkumulátorokat és az elemeket kell beüzemelni és már indulhat is a száguldás! A videóban látható modell: https://kisautok.hu/taviranyitos-auto/ninco-parkracers-aquabound-taviranyitos-keteltu-atfordulos-auto-1-16-reszletek
Scalextric digital with Slot Track Scenics products.
We recorded another first, Slot Car Racing. They race on a painted on simulated dirt surface, a powder like substance is spread on the track for that dirty a…
Hi friends watch Unboxing RC Tractor Trailer working in mines | RC adventure with NINCO Tractor in you favorite channel « RC with Popeye » #RCWithPopeye Heavy Duty Tractor + Remolque Fully radio controlled Tractor with trailer of 55cm with excavator shovel. Move in all directions and enables the movement of the excavator from your transmitter! Completely sealed to play on sand! Excavator tractor with trailer of about 55cm length and 16cm high. Full control of the shovel from your transmitter: forward / backward, right left and up or down of the dumper. Feel like a real truck driver. Decide whether you [More]
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Racing on my 4 lane HO scale race track. Track is on a 5′ x 12 1/2 table that stores to the ceiling of my garage. Total track length is 74′. Used Aurora AFX. Canyon Raceway, located in Toowoomba…
INTERVIEW AND SESSION FILMED FOR BALCONY TV LONDONPRESENTED BY IVAN BERRYPRODUCED BY VIDEO-BOX « If I had to say what my ambition was, it would be to follow in the footsteps of Williams, Dylan, Johnson, Waits and Young…playing my songs around the world connecting with people through the music »Sam’s music has a unique modern sound, a heady mix of soulful vocals , heartfelt passionate lyrics with tinges of blues, country, folk and soul , all played with a vitality that is fast becoming his trade mark style , truly unique and beautiful.After being taught to play the guitar at the age [More]