This demo shows how two DENSO VS068 robots work synchronously with a real time generate path planning. The whole system, including the robot movements, are d…
View on : LapGear Lap Desk Deluxe Laptop XL 17 Black Carbon Builtin Mousepad Wrist Rest and Phone Product Description : Fits up to 17 inch laptops while the edia slot holds your cell phone and helps organize your work surfacePrecision-tracking mouse pad is essential for those who prefer to use a mouseDual-bolster pillows conform to your lap providing comfort and stabilityErgonomic wrist pad makes typing comfortable and keeps your laptop from slidingAirflow Channel reduces unwanted heat generated by the laptop and smooth flat surface provides proper ventilation for your laptop
Shower curtain fastenings coming loose. A Hack and fix Quite often the track hooks would come out of the shower curtain track … This can happen often and be a nuisance. The issue is that the bottom gap where the track hooks slide is too wide, by a small amount. Squeezing the track does not help because there are two sides to the track joined by a rubber type part that just springs the track back as it was reopening the gap again Require two wooden spring pegs and a ladder to reach Wooden pegs are use to grip better [More]
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Fender G-Dec Jimi Hendrix Smash Hits Play-Along With Smartcard Donwload Here book/SD Card series lets you play your favorites songs just like the artists who recorded them by plugging into your Fender G-DEC 3 and playing along with the sound-alike recordings. Each book features 8 songs with an SD card that includes tone presets along with high-quality backing tracks. Just follow the tab in the songbook listen to the tracks to hear how the guitar should sound and then play-along using the separate backing tracks. The melody and lyrics are also included in the book so you can sing [More]
Premiers tours de pistes vendredi 17 mai sur les circuits de la coupe de France de Slot Racing Analogique, à Lens.
This video is about Scalextric Porsche 911
From the Batman TV Series, here’s the famous slot car racing scene from episode 94, season 2 « The Duo Defy » in HD! Originally aired on March 30th, 1967. Who could tell which slot track brand is that? DISCLAIMER: I do not own the copyrigths of this video. This is just a fan tribute!
Hey everyone I thought this would be a fun video to post. This old slot car track has not been used in a long time. Hope everyone enjoys. You wanna see more …