The boss (wife) has told me to sell the Scalextric so it was set up for some photos. My daughter and I could not resist filming our fun. It is the official Scalextric Drifting set.
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Mountek MT5000-C Review (Universal CD Slot Car Mount)
Click Here : PDF (FREE) Download Scalextric: A Race Through Time: The 50th anniversary book from the makers of the world famous electric car racing game. By Roger Gillham
it’s on ebay now 19.95 by wepostit 3 day run forsale here some pictures for memories sorry i don’t have more
Cheerapunji also called Sohra, Cherrapunjee and Charrapunji, is a town in East Khasi Hills district in the Indian state of Meghalaya. It is credited as being the wettest place on Earth. However, nearby Mawsynram has more rainfall nowadays, and both are surpassed by Lloró, Colombia. Today, climatic changes have edged Cherrapunji out of the topmost ‘wet’ slot, but it still retains its pristine beauty, its unusual facets, the perpetual clouds, and the perpetual mists. Appropriately, Cherrapunji lies in the heart of the State of Meghalaya-the abode of clouds. It is the traditional capital of a hima which is a Khasi [More]
Gilbert Slot Car Racers Commercial. Slot car racing (also called slotcar racing or slot racing) is the competitive hobby of racing with powered miniature autos (or other vehicles) which are guided by grooves or slots in the track on which they run. Slot cars are usually models of actual automobiles, though some have bodies purpose-designed for miniature racing. Most enthusiasts use commercially available slot cars (often modified for better performance), others motorize static models, and some « scratch-build, » creating their own mechanisms and bodies from basic parts and materials. Slot car racing ranges from casual get-togethers at home tracks, using whatever [More]
THE SHOOS performs the song « HOOK LINE & SINKER » for BalconyTV.Subscribe to us right now at ‘Like’ us on Facebook – us on Twitter – PRESENTED BY TOM MILLETT The Shoos got together organically in 2007 and recorded a 4 track EP called « Yeah ». On releasing this EP the band caught the attention of American A&R man James Mormile from Interscope records, and in particular the song « Distance » which was released in May 2009 which got to no.1 in Ireland. With this Interest being shown from the U.S Universal Ireland snapped up the band for their debut [More]