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This is a new venture for CleaveTech into the unknown! Maybe I shouldn’t have visited the recent NSCC Leeds swap meet. What have I let myself in for? Check out “that slotcarguy” he really knows his stuff about all brands of model slot car and is clearly slot car crazy 🙂 that slotcarguy channel – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0AzvM-BbxBY0fS5ctNZUCQ RevoSlot review – https://youtu.be/gQaTeP8zA6A Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cleavetech.co.uk/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cleavetech/ Web: https://www.cleavetech.co.uk/ Email: cleavetech.james@gmail.com Slotblog: http://slotblog.net/forum/506-tech-tips-by-james-cleave/
The very unique Porsche 959 RALLY RAID by Scaleauto THATSLOTCARGUYOZ@GMAIL.COM
#slotcarnews #slotracing #toycars So much news to share this week it should be illegal. NSR, Slot It, SRC, BRM… partridge and pear tree. News sponsored by: https://www.lebhobbies.com/ Please follow Digital Racing Solutions on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DigitalRacingSolutions
Bonjour a tous ! Charles vous présente la Ninco Blaster brushless! suis nous sur twitter: https://twitter.com/LCM_RC
Die 230 Meter lange, 4-spurige NINCO Rennbahn in Karlsruhe auf der Faszination Modellbau im März 2012. Dank den zahlreichen Helfern ist es gelungen diese Rennbahn in Karlsruhe aufzubauen.
Tonight I’m unboxing my first Slot.it slot car! Very excited to start dipping into this brand. This car is analog and as you know I run a Carrera Digital system, so this car needs to be chipped to run on my track. This video is part 1 of 2. Part 1 being a unboxing. Part 2 will be chipping the car and running the car.
meine kleine Slotcar Sammlung , die Bahn ist noch im Bau.
We have made to the 4th part of this epic series of videos which will show you how to build a 1/24 production chassis from scratch. I hope you enjoy this series and are able to build your own race winning or even world championship winning 1:24 scale production chassis. Links to the other videos in this series… Part 1 – https://youtu.be/aDXPTSjac0c Part 2 – https://youtu.be/i3kwy8VApsA Part 3 – https://youtu.be/YGoU5obQToU Here are some AMAZON links to the tools used in this video. As an Amazon Associate I earn a very small amount from qualifying purchases… Proxxon Rotary Tool (Collet version) [More]
#cuda #transam #slotcarnews Well it’s finally here… my last project for Scalextric. This is a really nice car that I’m very glad Scalextric did. They have always made the Trans Am series and this car was a VERY gaping hole in the product line that they have filled. Thanks to Hornby America for the car.