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포르쉐 센터 용산 2층 라운지에 있는 슬롯카 트랙을 찍어봤습니다. 실제로 트랙 위에서 911 GT3를 몰아볼 날도 오겠지요? instagram.com/porsche.ysal 이곳에서도 볼 수 있습니다.
Diseño y realización por: “Xellasdbg85” #Música minuto 10: “NomelieRs de la Rue” – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O8D8k_heueM #Accesorios 3D: “Slot3D” – https://linktr.ee/Slot3D Scalextric, Scaleauto, superslot, Spirit, Avant slot, Team slot, NSR, slot.it, Racer sideways, Ninco, Sloter, Fly, Sloting, ninco, racing, Black Arrow, Fly Slot
Carrera Slot Cars https://www.carreraslots.com/ Memberships https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyHXMVlcebJM9xXfaUONaBQ/join Boozer Merch https://teespring.com/stores/merry-boozer-rc https://callie-graphics.com/collections/merry-boozer-rc-squadron-emblems?page=2 When you get into slot car racing, there is a bit more than just throwing your car on the track and going nuts. There is some maintenance you need to do to make sure your cars are always running at their best. Tire cleaning, axel cleaning, and other little things. If you want to learn a good way to perform these tasks on your cars, watch this video. Also don’t forget to like share and subscribe for more videos like this.
A tour of my Carrera slot car track buildings by Magneticracing.co.
Saleen S7R Campeon De Espana GT 2001 |88020 | Fly Car Information: Wow this Car Review turned bad! This never happens but we caught it on the camera. #88020 Fly Car Model 1/32 Slot Car Saleen S7R Campeon de Espana GT 2001 car runs great! Details: Item #88020 1/32 Drivers Alberto Castello Carlos Palau A267 Runs Great(If it’s not the one in the video!) Fly Car Model FREE tech support 1-877-729-2099 #protinkertoys #slotcar #flycar
https://brodymod.blogspot.com/?book=1847979750Airfix has been at the forefront of the model industry since 1955 when the first Airfix aircraft kit appeared in UK branches of Woolworth’s. The kits were made to a constant scale and covered a wide variety of subjects, from aircraft to birds and from tanks to dinosaurs. In 1981 the famous London-based company closed down and only the kits survived intact. For the next twenty-five years Airfix was run by Palitoy and later Humbrol, but suffered from a lack of investment. In 2006, Hornby Hobbies Ltd, the train and Scalextric manufacturer, bought the ailing company and transformed it. Money [More]
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I took my O Gauge train layout apart and I’m working on a 1/32 scale slot car layout. It’s coming along great and I’m hoping that I will have it done in a month from now. It’s Carrera track and is about 65 ft total. When this Covid thing is over I’ll have to find someone to race with. I’m using it now and having fun.
https://protinkertoys.com/products/renault-5-turbo-1-rally-el-corte-ingles-1985-96073-fly-car Information: 96073 Fly 1/32 Slot Car Renault 5 Turbo 1# Rally El Corte Ingles 1985. This Fly car runs great! Bring this car to your next scouting group. Plastic case could have damage. Please enjoy the video. Details: Item #96073 1/32 E-1201 Drivers Carlos Sainz Antonio Boto Runs Great Fly Car Model FREE tech support 1-877-729-2099 #slotcar #protinkertoys #fly
Digital Slot car track and Racing Simulators at an event at GT101 in Colchester.