We’re at Le Mans 2017 and we’ve taken our new ARC Air Le Mans set along to join in the action.
Scalextric ARC PRO; the first digital slot car race control system that allows users to wirelessly create and manage races through the use of a handheld smart device. ARC PRO takes racing to the ultimate level with multi car racing up to 6 cars, lane changing, separate pit lane stop, KERS as well as variable weather conditions, tyre wear, fuel usage, brakes and post-race statistics. This set is a hyper car show down featuring the McLaren 720S, Jaguar CX75 and the Lamborghini Centenario. Go head to head using revolutionary ARC PRO technology on multiple track layouts – the racing action [More]
Well howdy folks and welcome back, to the Race Track! Back when I was a kid, slot car racing was extremely popular with the masses, e veryone you knew had a track set up out in the garage, the basement, or even on the living room floor until their parents tripped over it one too many times and banished it from their sight. virtualslotcars.com Steam Link: http://store.steampowered.com/app/642730/Virtual_SlotCars/ HJG Swag: https://shop.spreadshirt.com/HughbertJassGaming/ Website: www.hughbertjassgaming.com Email: hughbertjassgaming@gmail.com Support HJG: StreamLabs: https://streamlabs.com/hughbertjassgaming On PayPal! https://www.paypal.me/HughJassGaming On Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/hughbertjass I stream with OBS to Restream.io who rebroadcast back out to YouTube, Twitch, and Mobcrush. YouTube [More]
Dedicato a chi non comprende il significato di ‘lasciare la propria terra’ per via della polvere e di chi la calpesta. Dedicato anche a chi la terra l’ha lasciata per via della polvere, ma per quanta ce ne fosse: era bellissima. E’ bellissima. Video: Mt Ebrahim Registrato presso True colors studio (Pd) Edit e mix: Mauro Santinello Master: Eleven Mastering Seguici su https://www.facebook.com/Diplomaticoeilcollettivoninconanco/ https://www.instagram.com/diplomaticoeilcollettivonn/
Possibly the greatest farming toy I’ve ever seen!!!
Hola, en este video os muestro como podemos mejorar de forma basica, sencilla y por poco dinero, nuestros coches de rally de Scalextric. Canal patrocinado por Creaciones 3D https://www.facebook.com/Creaciones-3D-221801728312433/?epa=SEARCH_BOX Hello, in this video I show you how we can improve basic, simple and for little money, our Scalextric rally cars.
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