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Fast slot cars on 65 foot track layout.
You’ve been working on your Challenger all afternoon under the shade tree on a hot summer day. The final turn of the wrench and you’re done… You turn the key and the engine rumbles to life. A few minutes later and you’re heading downtown for some light-to-light racing. Slowly rolling down Main Street and that Mustang you’ve been hoping to see pulls alongside you and pops the throttle. His tires chirp as he looks across at you with that sneering grin you want to wipe from his face. A quick stab on the gas and boiling smoke rolls off your [More]
#Carrera132, #SlotCarTrack, #CarreraDigital132, #SlotCarRacing 3-car race on a 150 ft custom carrera digital track. Race shot from different angles and speeds. 👍 See my other videos about my carrera 132 digital track (wireless)… The Carrera Digital 132 series allows you to race up to 6 drivers at once. Cars Racing on video: Ferrari 458 Italia GT2 AF Corse, No. 71, 2012 Aston Martin Vantage GT3 BILSTEIN No. 97 Silverstone 2013 BMW Z4 M Coupé Schubert Motors
Time lapse video of building 95 feet of Carrera digital 132 slot car track. Actual build time approximately six hours, two of which is just installing guardrails and lane dividers. Carrera track can run both 1/24th and 1/32nd scale slot cars. The track is a “double-folded dogbone” design, so although it looks like a 4-lane track in most places, it is two two-lane tracks running parallel in opposite directions. This allows a good deal of track in the smallest space possible. This is a seasonal track set up only for a couple of months each winter. The track layout was [More]
Primer video del nuevo circuito ssd pro de loiu, es el primer capitulo de esta experiencia del slot digitlal que iremos subiendo mas y mejores capturas mas adelante.
In this video, Dave will show you how to clean the brushes on your Carrera slot cars. To maximize your experience with Carrera Slot Cars, be sure to clean the track contact brushes. These brushes are important to be kept clean for making as much contact with the tract as possible as they provide power to your car. https://www.carrera-toys.com #carreraslotcars #carreratoys For more great content, visit our social pages https://www.facebook.com/carrera.amer… https://twitter.com/carrera_usa https://www.instagram.com/carrera_usa/ https://www.carrera-toys.com
The Scalextric ARC One American Classics is the cheapest way of hooking your slot car racer up to your phone, for a modern day twist to old school thrills. We like it. Full review here: https://kit.honestjohn.co.uk/reviews/review-scalextric-arc-one-american-classics/ If you fancy one, make sure you click through the bottom of the page for a great price.
Scalextric American Police Chase Set
HO scale Slot Car Dyno test. Here is a fun tool I found at ebay. Testing pancake motor Aurora T-Jets on up to the in line Wizzard slot cars.