Kyosho Presents new project named Dslot43. First ever slot car with springs. Video includes track construction and action photos.
Comprar aquí: Climber con WIFI CAM que permite la retransmisión en directo a dispositivo Android o IOs. Tecnología 2,4Ghz. Tracción total que le permite pasar todo tipo de obstáculos. Incluye batería y cargador.
Slot Car Rivals Episode 16 Starry Swirl Brief Summary: I play one of the five new streetpass games Slot Car Rivals! How does it play? Watch and find out! STREETPASS PRINCETON NJ: * Twitter – @SPprinceton * Facebook – * Instagram –
Welcome to ToyCollector Blucollection, from Disney Pixar Cars2 this is Custom Lightning McQueen 6172036511312P, part of the new Cars Artist Series collection, this highly detailed 1:18 scale diecast custom Lightning McQueen was created by renowned Pixar artist Jay Ward. Capturing real automotive precision, it features working headlights and taillights, detailed engine, hinged hood, working suspension, custom tire tread, detachable moon hubcaps and Display packaging with magnetic closure. Measure 10 inches long by 6 wide. Thanks for watching blucollection.\r\rMusic by Kevin MacLeod.\r\rThanks for watching BluToys. Great News! John Lasseter, the director of Cars has announced Pixar is working on a Cars3 [More]
Bit hard to drive and film… Test drive on my wooden routed slot car track.
Disney Collector presents Pocoyo Super Circuit Swiggle Traks Race Track Musical Motorized Car from Bandai. Watch Pocoyo Car racing up bridges, crossing the tunnel or opening doors. With sound and melodies. Powered by 2 AAA batteries. Batteries NOT included. Thx 4 watching DisneycollectorBR.\r\rRevisión del juguete Supercircuito con Coche de Pocoyo. Vienes con 6 carriles que se unen para crear diferentes circuitos, puente móvil con sonido y melodía, una puerta, un túnel, dos banderines, un coche de carreras con Pocoyo al volante y una bola que empuja a lo largo de la pista. En el puente hay dos botones, uno que [More]
An update of my Carrera layout with borders (Aprons) all done The track is running on AC2 system which you can run 2 cars on the same lane (4 cars on 2 lanes) But since I add 1 crossover + 1 change lane to my track I can only race 2 cars at once because of that it is more like one big single lane track then an 2 lanes track More info about AC2 on this link — A few place that you can follow the progress on my track – – – Mikey
Si al accionar el mando, tu circuito Scalextric no responde, puedes intentar solucionarlo con estos consejos. Damos respuesta a las preguntas sobre Scalextric más habituales que nos enviáis a través de nuestra página web y otros canales de comunicación.
Con questo video si illustra il meccanismo per passare da un sistema digitale Ninco a 2 corsie a quello analogico. Ho cercato di evidenziare che si devono staccare i trasformatori di corrente nel cambio da digitale ad analogico. Per chi ha buon occhio, la macchina digitale che corre per prima è una Ferrari F1 Scalextric in cui è stato installato, sempre da me ovviamnte, il chip di conversione digitale Ninco (per la serie “si può fare”). Dopo essere passato in analogico, dimostro che le auto corrono sulle corsie senza problemi e con tutta l’energia disponibile, l’auto grigia che si vede [More]