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finally got all the track i needed , now to finish up on the terrain.
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Scalextric 360° turntable video by Slotcar Ltd. Just one of our HUGE Slot Car range at http://www.slotcar.co.nz
Slot.it Lola B10/60 (CA22b) equiped with Carrera Digitaldecoder 26732 and Supertires #1408R on my track
Down here at Big boy’s with cool toys playing on the Carrera slot track. So a few days after making this Video the track was taking apart and shipped to the Toronto Car show. We will get it back some day. lol
Welcome to ToyCollector BluToys. Today, I unboxing the Walmart Radiator Springs 500 1/2 Diecat 3-Pack from Mattel Toys that includes an Exclusive Stanley Days Ramone, Shifty Sidewinder and Off-Road Lightning McQueen. Another 3-Pack diecast from DisneyStore called Low-n-Slow with Brand New Mater McQueen and Hydraulic Ramone. Lightning and Mater get the Lowrider treatment while Ramone goes up in the world with his raised Hydraulic suspension. Another 3-pack is the Hot-Roddin with Dragster Metallic Dinoco Lightning McQueen, Metallic Fillmore and Dragster Engine Chick Hicks. And an exclusive Chase RS500 Ramone Chaser Edition.\r\rAccording to wiki pixar cars-toons is a series of animated [More]
Carrera slot madera 3 carriles 14 m
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Scalextric digital slot car racing, just the crashes and close calls!\r\rFilmed with Gopro Hero3+ Black Edition and Canon SL1