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Angry Birds Fight – Angry Birds Monster Pig Gameplay Angry Birds Game \r
Get ready for a showdown in Angry Birds Fight! a match-3 frenzy where you take on other players in real-time battles of strategic bird swapping agility! Join your favorite flock on a journey to match tons of addictive feathery puzzles!\r
Angry Birds is a video game franchise created by Finnish computer game developer Rovio Entertainment. Inspired primarily by a sketch of stylized wingless birds, the first game was first released for Apples iOS in December new\r
Angry Birds Puzzle The first game released on the series. It primarily involves shooting birds into pigs fortresses.\r
new Angry Birds Seasons Puzzle The second game in the series, featuring holiday-themed levels. It was also originally released as Angry Birds Halloween.\r
new Angry Birds Rio Puzzle The third game in the series, tying-in with the films, Rio, and Rio 2.[11]\r
new Angry Birds Friends Puzzle An online game, and the fourth game of the series that features weekly tournaments.\r
new Angry Birds Space Puzzle The fifth game in the series that features space physics.[12][13]\r
new Angry Birds Star Wars Puzzle The sixth game that ties-in with the original Star Wars trilogy.\r
new Angry Birds Star Wars II Puzzle The seventh game of the series that ties-in with the second Star Wars trilogy. It is the first game compatible with Hasbros Telepods, that allows the player to summon a specific character in the game.\r
new Angry Birds Go! Racing The eighth game of the series and it is the first to branch off from the puzzle genre to the racing genre.\r
new Angry Birds Epic Role-playing The ninth game of the series that features turn-based RPG combat and a crafting system.\r
new Angry Birds Transformers Side-scrolling shooter The tenth game of the series, which ties-in with the Transformers franchise, is a shootem up game.[14]\r
new Angry Birds Fight! Tile-matching, Role-playing The eleventh game of the series, which is a Match-3 game to collect Angry Birds to earn enough power via items to defeat the enemy. The game is currently in soft-launch in some Asian countries and will be world-widely released in the middle new.[15]\r
new Angry Birds Under Pigstruction\r
Play against friends (and foes) in real-time matches. Race against the clock to match as many panels as possible to power up your bird for the fight! GRRRR!\r
Equip your birds with wacky weapons and questionable armor to give them more health, attack power and also some special skills to give you the edge. Its fight or flight!\r
Explore uncharted islands packed with challengers – then knock ‘em out in a match-three frenzy! Win to unlock more birds, weapons and other items. Just look out for the Monster Pigs…\r
CHALLENGE other players globally in real-time match-three puzzles\r
POWER UP birds for the fight by matching faster and better than your opponent\r
MATCH 4 to activate special powers, MATCH 5 to start FEVER TIME!\r
WIN fights to gain XP, win items and customize your flock and your ship\r
ACCESSORIZE with different items to increase health, attack and add skills\r
EARN bird coins in fights to buy more weapons and accessories in the shop\r
PLAY the lucky slots to unlock more items – go on, give it a spin!\r
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