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Avengers Age Of Ultron Surprise Mini Unboxing Part 1 | Univers-Scalex le Slot Racing

Avengers Age Of Ultron Surprise Mini Unboxing Part 1

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Avengers 2 is here!!! Please join us for another unboxing unwrapping of 6 Funko surprise blind boxes from Marvel Studios! Join Ironman, Tony Stark, Captain America, Hulk, Black Widow, Bruce Banner, Henry Pym, Ant Man, Hulk Buster, Vision, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Thor, Ultron, Hawkeye, Nick Fury, and the Iron Patriot on this mystery adventure! We hope we can get them all because we only have one case. Join us to see who we get!\r
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There are many ways to say Avengers like Los Vengadores, Les Vengeurs, De Vergelders, Os Vingadores, Vendicatori, 어벤저스 (마블 코믹스), 复仇者, , एवेंजर्स, アベンジャーズ (マーベル・コミック), Pembalas dendam, 복수 자, , Мстители, Месники, האוונגרס, เออเวนเจอรส์ (การ์ตูน), المنتقمون, Die Rächer, Εκδικητές, Kostajat, İntikamcılar, \r
Heres How to say Toy لعبة খেলনা 玩具 speelbal laruan jouet Spielzeug खिलोना mainan giocattolo おもちゃ dolanan 장난감 zabawka brinquedo игрушка juguete leksak đồ chơi\r
Heres how to say unboxing أونبوإكسينغ আনবক্সিং 拆箱 アンボクシング 언 박싱 распаковка uppackning\r
Me and Bubs have many interests. Here are a few in no particular order(We literally just yelled out random things): Xbox one arkaham knight dancing caillou little einsteins slow motion films the voice dragon ball dupstep s new nigahiga frozen fever opening vines vevo compilation power rangers TMNT Playstation 4 wwe gangnam style reboot pewdiepie peppa pig musical fox pranks snacks singing impressions harry potter hunger games happy pharrell coco gomez vs soccer football barbie princess elsa anna olaf leonardo raphael donatello michelangelo starlord groot rocket raccoon thanos ultron avengers hulk captain america thor loki ironman hawkeye superman batman baymax big hero 6 skylanders paw patrol hotwheels nerf marvel DC star wars legos thomas despicable me toy story DC toy collector evantube burritos britney spears love wikipedia myspace facebook steam minecraft racing playdoh play-doh huge egg huevos sorpresa surprise doll kids cars angry birds jake and the neverland pirates disney spiderman monster truck lightning mcqueen pixar kung fu panda ryder marshall rubble chase ninjago Disney Planes dreamworks Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends Angry Birds Toys with Wingo Kinder Surprise Skylanders Giants Hello Kitty Super Surprise Disney Pixar Toy Story Hot Wheels planet micro cars Moshi Monsters Super Mario Bros Skylanders Swap Force, Ben 10 Super Mario Kart Car pullback racers Playmobil Disney Phineas and Ferb with Agent P Imaginext Joker DC Comics SpongeBob Squarepants Kart Disney Pixar Cars 2 Francesco Bernoulli Disney Junior Jake and the Never Land Pirates Sonic the Hedgehog with motorcycle Minnie Mouse Sorpresa Huevos único huevo chocolate con juguete sorpresa\r
We will be making many MANY more videos with most or the above mentioned interests. Check back with us often for new stuff!\r
This Channel is for toddlers infants kids & preschool children who love toys. We do unboxing, assembly, and reviews of all sorts of toys like juguetes, muñecas, bambole e bonecas available in stores. Im an avid toy collector with a huge collection.\r
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