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BMW 4 Series review –

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In this video review we get under the skin of this new breed of BMW, the BMW 4 Series, and find out what it’s like to live with on a day-to-day basis. Starting from Inverness, Scotland, we take it to Edinburgh to examine practicality, then we head sight-seeing in York and Liverpool before finally arriving in London.

The car we’ve tested is a 4 Series 420d SE – so it’s an entry-level, entry-spec diesel model. Although, BMW did throw in a few cheeky extras such as 18-inch alloys. The 4 Series has a 445-litre boot, but it still passed our practicality test with flying colours – we packed various weekend bags into the boot, and in the cabin, as you’ll see in the video review.

On the journey, we were impressed with the driving dynamics of the BMW 4 Series. The steering is light but feels quite accurate, while the precise six-speed manual gearbox slots into place whenever you want it to. Even though the BMW 4 Series is a lot wider and a fair bit longer than the BMW 3 Series, it’s hard to notice the extra size on the road.

The 4 Series is really comfortable to drive over long distances, the only fly in the ointment, though, is that at higher speeds you do get a bit of road and wind noise particularly on rougher roads. The 18-inch wheels and unique body really do make it look bulkier and leaner than the old 3 Series Coupe, but does it justify the new name plate?

THe BMW 4 Series might have a few faults, and we’re not convinced that it needed to be called the 4 Series rather than a 3 Series Coupe. Overall, though, it’s an incredible new car, and it’ll take a lot to knock the BMW 4 Series off its podium at the top of the class.


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