Boombox MP3 Player and Emergency Radio Review Video

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Close The MiniBoomer Stereo Boombox and MP3 Player: A good boombox has been the top selection of back-to-school gifts for teens and young people since the FM radio first made its appearance way back in the sixties. Music is the language of teenagers as well as the 20-Year Old group. It comes with them anywhere they go as if part of the environment. So it is no surprise that without one, many younger people cannot focus on homework and some cannot even go to sleep at night without playing quite music in the background. The flexibility of the MiniBoomer is unmatched. It is an MP3 player, a boombox, a dual track stereo, an external speaker system that can, with the help of something called a Bluetooth (not included), play songs off the computer, mobile phone, or other digital, Bluetooth equipped devices – even from another part of the building. The MiniBoomer is also an emergency radio with many survival functions built in such as the LED flashlight, loud siren and emergency beacon. The radio gets great reception and is ideal for tuning into every available local station to keep updated on everything from bad weather to ball games. There is a lot more to say about this excellent boombox and MP3 player. But I will let the video with Amazon customer reviews explain more about it. Below are the time markers for various highlights: 0:04 – DTC LifeTools Product Line 0:21 – Back To School Introduction 0:34 – Boombox Stereo feature 0:40 – High Capacity SD Card Slot 0:45 – High Capacity USB Port 0:50 – Hand Crank Dynamo 0:57 – USB Charger 1:02 – AA Battery Compartment 1.08 – LED Flashlight 1:02 – AA Battery Slot 1:13 – Siren & Flashing Light 1:19 – Customer Review Section 1:24 – Customer Review 1 1:29 – Customer Review Two 1:34 – Customer Review Three 1:41 – Social Media and Website Addresses 1:51 – How to get yours Today! 2:02 – End Actual Customer…


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