Building 95 feet Carrera Digital Slot Car Track – Time Lapse

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Time lapse video of building 95 feet of Carrera digital 132 slot car track. Actual build time approximately six hours, two of which is just installing guardrails and lane dividers. Carrera track can run both 1/24th and 1/32nd scale slot cars.

The track is a “double-folded dogbone” design, so although it looks like a 4-lane track in most places, it is two two-lane tracks running parallel in opposite directions. This allows a good deal of track in the smallest space possible.

This is a seasonal track set up only for a couple of months each winter. The track layout was created with a somewhat simple design for several reasons: 1) We like a fast track, thus the long straightaways. Although you still need a lot of brake for the three tight turns on the near end. 2) Most of the drivers that come to race have almost no throttle discipline, thus a technical layout tends to be more crashing than actual racing. 3) Because it is on the floor and people need to step over it, we don’t want too much elevated track or banked track in the middle to catch your foot on. 4) We only need turn marshals on the ends of the track where the turns are. Marshals in the middle of the layout creates a visibility problems for the drivers.

There is a hodge-podge of Carrera, Ninco, and custom build guardrails and as you can see from the pictures near the end a small removable scenic area which is a park because there’s no better place to put a park than right next to a race track, AMIRIGHT?
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