Carrera Digital 132 Slot Car Racing

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A few laps with 1/32 scale slot cars running on a 95ft. Carrera digital 132 track. We run 5-9 heat races/qualifiers depending on how many drivers we have that night. Top qualifiers automatically qualify for A-Main. All others run B-Main. Winner of B-Main qualifies to run in A-Main. Two ghost cars are run as well. We regularly incorrectly refer to the ghost cars as pace Cars, however. A driver that runs a ghost car off the track must serve a penalty of three stop-n-go trips through the pit.

Fuel tanks are set so that cars get about 7-8 laps on a “virtual” tank of fuel. When the lights on the car start flashing it means the fuel level is getting low. The pit is located in the middle of the track. Drivers refuel by entering the pit. Quick flashing lights on the car indicate it is fueling. When they stop flashing, fuel is full.
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