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포르쉐 센터 용산 2층 라운지에 있는 슬롯카 트랙을 찍어봤습니다. 실제로 트랙 위에서 911 GT3를 몰아볼 날도 오겠지요? instagram.com/porsche.ysal 이곳에서도 볼 수 있습니다.
Carrera Slot Cars https://www.carreraslots.com/ Memberships https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyHXMVlcebJM9xXfaUONaBQ/join Boozer Merch https://teespring.com/stores/merry-boozer-rc https://callie-graphics.com/collections/merry-boozer-rc-squadron-emblems?page=2 When you get into slot car racing, there is a bit more than just throwing your car on the track and going nuts. There is some maintenance you need to do to make sure your cars are always running at their best. Tire cleaning, axel cleaning, and other little things. If you want to learn a good way to perform these tasks on your cars, watch this video. Also don’t forget to like share and subscribe for more videos like this.
A tour of my Carrera slot car track buildings by Magneticracing.co.
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I took my O Gauge train layout apart and I’m working on a 1/32 scale slot car layout. It’s coming along great and I’m hoping that I will have it done in a month from now. It’s Carrera track and is about 65 ft total. When this Covid thing is over I’ll have to find someone to race with. I’m using it now and having fun.
Simple trick to make ghost car lap times better. Controlled cars have more decisions to make to negoiate turn.
The Scalextric AMC Javerlin that I took to Slot Car Space Solutions to be converted to Digital Carrera. Slot Grandprix. Store location #103 26956 Fraser Highway Aldergrove BC Canada. Call Mark on 604-856 4235. mark@slotgrandprix.com facebook.com/slotgrandprix Slot Car Space Solutions Call Sean on 778 773 6397 slotcarspacesolutions@outlook.com Please comment, share & subscribe. Thanks
In this video from the ScottieDTV International Raceway I review the Carrera Digital 132 1957 Chevrolet Slot Car….I actually forgot I shot these reviews over two years ago and with Christmas right around the corner I was glad I found them…If You follow ScottieDTV then You know I mostly shoot full size older American cars and in the real world the 1957 Chevrolet is a favorite…Carrera did a really nice job with the detail of this car…It’s two tone teal and white..I was a little unsure if I would dig that when I ordered it…Once I seen it in real [More]
Slot cars are incredible fun and competition can get pretty heated! Hobby Wholesale has everything you need, from base sets to track, cars, controllers and more! See more at: https://hobbywholesale.com/category/hobbies-slot-cars-1-43-sets #slotcars #racing #modelcars — As one of Canada’s largest online & retail game & hobby stores we offer thousands of Toys, Games, Puzzles, and Models. We offer RC (Remote Control) Cars, Trucks, Planes, Boats, and even RC Heavy Equipment! From Glue, Paint, and Materials, to Motors, Radios and Servos – we have everything you need to fuel your Free-time! https://www.hobbywholesale.com Video Production by Mtek Digital, Edmonton
We are continuing to test our new Carrera digital slot cars, and in order to thoroughly evaluate them we needed to design a track that includes all the elements one might find on a track. Thus, the track design includes all four radius of turns, banked turns, bridge sections, high-speed straightaway, and multiple lane changers. This is a variation of our original test track that we used to evaluate the Carrera Digital 132 1969 Torino Talladegas. This is a prelude to our new slot car club track which will ultimately be much larger, about 125 feet overall with an additional [More]