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Welcome to Blutoys, this is my complete collection of Disney Infinity with over 30 figures from Disney and Pixar toys such as:\r\rPhineas and Ferb = Phineas and Agent P.\rFrozen = Princess Anna and Queen Elsa.\rWreck it Ralph = Ralph and Vanellope.\rFantasia with Sorcerers Apprentice Mickey.\rThe Incredibles = Synfrome, Violet, Dash and Elastigirl.\rPirates of the Caribbean = Captain Barbossa, Pirate Davy Jones.\rPixar Monsters Inc. = Mike Wazowski and Randy.\rPixar Toy Story 2 = Jessie, Buzz Lightyear and Spaceship.\rPixar Toy Story = Sheriff Woody and clear Buzz Lightyear.\rPixar Cars 2 = Piston Cup Lightning McQueen, Holley Shiftwell.\rThe Incredibles = Limited Edition clear [More]
140ft Carrera Digital Slot Car Layout Video showing a different vantage point.
We take a look at the premium slot car brand that is Carrera – famous for its high detail, Digital 132, European DTM race sets, as well as the smaller Carrera Go!!! series and Disney Cars tie-ups! Their line offers plenty of new sets and cars for every slot car enthusiast, from beginners to seasoned pros. And exclusive license agreements with Ferrari and Red Bull ensures true-to-life F1 racing! There’s a lot to see – so on your mark… For all the Carrera lines in store, click here: https://www.metrohobbies.com.au/collections/brand-carrera?sort=price-descending&_=pf&pf_st_availability=true For all Carrera Race sets in stock: https://www.metrohobbies.com.au/collections/slot-cars-carrera-race-sets?_=pf&pf_st_availability=true And for all [More]
Hello Disney Pixar Fans, from the World Above Cars, these are the new 2014 die-cast airplanes from Disney Planes 2 Fire & Rescue called Blade Ranger Helicopter, Muir Steam Train, Windlifter Helicopter and Mayday Firetruck. They are exclusive from Disney Stores also found online at Disneystore.com – The super cool Muir Steam Train has working drive wheels & measures over 7 inches long. Blade Ranger is a member of Smokejumpers, an organization to fight wildfires, hes veteran fire-and-rescue chopper. He has spinning wheels and removable water tank used to spray water. Windlifter is also a Windlifter is also a member [More]
Welcome to blutoys, this is the Play Dough Barnyard Farmhouse Playset from Little People Fisher-Price. Also called: La Ferme de Pâte à Modeler Dough Farm Tool Case My Farm Play Case La Maleta de Plastilina Granja Malinha de Plastilina Quinta la ferme en pâte à modeler de Fisher Price Coffret pâte à modeler.\rDough bauernhof Knet-spielkoffer Play Doh Granja. Joy of learning ABCs and 1-2-3 from Fisher-price.com\r\rHeres how Play Doh is also called: Clay, Playdough, Plasticine, Plastilina, Plastiline, plasticina, Modellera, Crayola, Massinha, 플레이 도우, Knetmasse, ハローキティ Softee Dough Moon Dough modelling clay Pâte à Modeler.\r\rThanks for watching BluToys. Great News! John [More]
Tom G / Mercedes AMG DTM (1st place) Lance H / Audi R8 LMS (2nd place) Kieran B / Chevy C7R (3rd place) Darren H / Mercedes AMG GT3 (4th place) Chris S / Chevy C7R (5th place) RASCR – Regina Amateur Slot Car Racers not edited / raw footage Go Pro Hero 7 footage Race cut short by camera? cars have magnets Paul Gage Urethane Tires
A blog and a review in one. See why I like using portable tables as a platform instead of wood. Also check out what I think of Carrera’s pricey track boarders for drifting. https://sunday-slot-cars.square.site/ support the channel by buying product here