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Diesmal digitalisieren wir einen Alfa 155 von Slot.It. Wir bauen den Decoder von FT Slottechnik ein. Danach kümmern wir uns um die Beleuchtung. Da die Karosserie keine Vorbereitung für 3mm-LEDs hat, kommen SMD LEDs zum Einsatz.
my grandson having fun with the digital track this is why I love Carrera digital
We try to redo our videoin the Carrrra slot car set. Michele worked on improving the camera work
The NCAA basketball tournament isn’t the only show in town this year. You can submit a bracket for a different event — announcing the Carrera Slot Car Winternationals, which is slot car drag racing on a Carrera digital sot car track. This is a preview of the upcoming tournament where we are placing 16 of our Carrera Digital 132 slot cars into a bracket-style single elimination drag race format racing on a 1/32 scale quarter mile. Viewers have a chance to enter a contest where they get to pick winners by filling out a championship bracket. Race video with results [More]
I talk about the Carter’s slot car set and compare with a few others
Added Two Mountains with Tunnels and Carrera GO 62480 DTM Master Class Electric Slot Car Racing Set Paper Mache recipe I used: 1 cup flour to 1 cup water and teaspoon of salt. Plaster of Paris Mache recipe I used: 1/2 cup to 1/2 cup of water.
What if you want to change the running gear in a Carrera car and use Slot It’s high quality aftermarket racing parts? In this video I show you how to use the SIKK17 kit as a basis to start with. It’s a basic tuning video to show new racers how to get started upgrading cars with aftermarket racing parts. At the end of this video I show the project as it is now with CB Design LMP style wheels, I wanted all 4 wheels to make and I love the design of these wheels. Thanks to Hornby America for the [More]