In this video, I revisit the Carrera slot car set I bought for $1 from Goodwill. I think I found a solution to get them working, but then I discovered I have another problem. Greg’s World is my video journal where I document my life and the people, pets, and things in it. My goal is to record as much as possible to create a “time capsule” to look back on in the future. Check out our other channels: Lego Vlogs: Gaming: Enjoy our channel and want to support us? Use our link when you shop on Amazon [More]
The new Carrera red fencing. This is a bulk pack of fences that’s 20 meters/65.62 feet in length. Intended for a dealer to cut by the foot for a customer or a hobbyist with a large track. For more great content, visit our social pages
GO cars-How to clean your tires, set the brushes and stay on the track! For more great content, visit our social pages
RB MOtorsport, Autorama Digital, Autorama GOSTOU DO VÍDEO, SE INCREVA NO CANAL: YouTube: Pista Carrera 132 Digital – Slot Cars Autorama Digital – Carrera 132 – Pista com 111 metros
We take a dive into general handling techniques for your Carrera slot car sets! We hope it makes your lap time faster! For more great content, visit our social pages
Congrats on getting your first Carrera slot car set! In this video, we go over how to set up your GO!!! set. For more information on how to set up a Digital 132 or 124 set, check out this video: For more great content, visit our social pages…