Après les deux diaporamas, voici enfin la vidéo du circuit crée par Rachel. la vidéo bien entendu. Bonne vidéo !!!
This is the new new DisneyPixarCars Mack Truck Transformer from the Story Sets Collection. As a transporter Mack carries racer Lightning McQueen to all the races including Radiator Springs. When the hauler is open, he features multiple play areas such as: big screen TV Lounge with McQueens trophies, car washing area for detailing, a working lift to change tires, a viewing deck and a gas pump. He can also be detached from the trailer. When the drive is all done, roll Lightning McQueen inside and fold Mack back up for easy storage. Thanks for watching another Unboxing Review from Blucollection.\r\rHe [More]
Carrera Bahn / Digital / Analog\r\rKamera-Slotcar bauen für die Actioncam GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition\r\rIn die eingebaute Halterung passen auch andere Gehäuse von GoPro.\rIn dem Film wird das Kamera Auto für die Hero 3 + gebaut.\r\rDen Aufbau seht ihr ab der 0:51 Minute\rDie Testfahrt ist ab 8:15 Minute zu sehen.\r——————————————————-\rCarrera track / Digital / Analogue \r\rBuild slot car camera for the GoPro Hero 3 + Black Edition \r\rIn the built-in bracket also fit other housing GoPro. \rIn the film, the camera car for the Hero 3 + is built. \r\rThe building you see from the minute 0:51 \rThe test drive [More]
The Porsche 911 991.2 GTS slots neatly into the 911 line-up above the Carrera S but beneath the new GT3 in terms of driving dynamics, style and price point. It provides daily usability combined with a sportier ride and exciting experience to create an effective balance. Does this mean it is a rounded package that gives you the daily driver balance of a 911 GT3? Let’s find out! Thanks for watching, Tim Subscribe: http://bit.ly/Shmee150YTWebsite: http://www.shmee150.comFacebook: http://www.fb.com/shmee150Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/shmee150
Una caja nueva, Playmobil ® 6864. Se trata de una camioneta pick-up surfera que arrastra un remolque con una lancha rápida. \r\rCuesta muchísimo crecer en Youtube, pero acabamos de superar los mil suscriptores. Lejos de ser un récord, sí que es un motivo de orgullo para estar satisfechos. Para celebrarlo, haremos un sorteo muy pronto.\r\r********************MIRA OTROS DE NUESTROS VÍDEOS**************\r\r*Final EURO 2016: FRANCIA vs PORTUGAL [\r\r*Final Champions 2016: REAL MADRID vs AT. MADRID [\r\r*La aventura de la Historia con Playmobil ® (PLANETADEAGOSTINI)\r[\r\r*PLAYMOBIL ® POLICÍA/POLIZEI/POLICE [\r\r*Barcos piratas de Playmobil ® [\r\r*Playmobil ® WILD LIFE [\r\r¡¡¡¡SUSCRÍBETE GRATIS AL CANAL!!!! [\r\r¡¡¡¡VISITA GRATIS NUESTRO BLOG!!!! [\r\rEl [More]
Ovale ARTIN 8m Digi Pro et 4 voies analogique CARRERA 20 m Animation CPB Rapatel club RSC (Rennes Slot Club) Salon du modélisme Bourgbarré 2010
petite visite d’un petit circuit slot en milieu rural !
Slot Cars & Train Quad Crossing Crashes – Dukes of Hazzard General Lee and Sheriff Roscoe P Coltrain vs Percy & Thomas. Combining Auto World & Tyco Stot Car Track! Bachmann trains! Thomas the Tank Engine and Percy the Small Engine with 3 types of crossings!\r\rMy Website: \r\rKid and family friendly videos about toy trains, real trains, and more!\rThomas the Tank Engine, Chuggington, LEGO trains, and more fun!\rPlease subscribe: \r\rInstagram: \rFacebook: \rTwitter: \r\rRoyalty Free Music from YouTube Library using Youtube capture app
Renaissance d’une piste Jouef Helicoidale Record 64 avec des voitures de l’époque (Stratos Rouge, Stratos Bleu, Chapparal 2F orange et blanche,…) et quelques Go! adaptées (aimant, leste, guide…) pour la piste Jouef…