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Fly slot | Univers-Scalex le Slot Racing
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Pioneer legends series is represented by the beautiful Chevy GULF LIVERY
Qualifying the Slot.it Porsche 956 and Porsche 962 cars for the upcoming Race at the MID-BC race track in Kelowna, BC. Twenty four entrants from throughout the world will have their cars run a 12 lap qualifying session. Qualifying the cars will determine the grid position for the race so equal performing cars race against each other.
Slot Car Track – 1/32 and 1/24 Scale. Scalextric, AutoArt, Fly
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Slotcar Fans! Aufrüstung CARRERA Evolution auf Carrera DIGITAL 132 mit Digitaldecoder von Carrera, Jack’s WORLD feat. SLOTBLOG! Jack & Roland bauen den original Carrera Digital-Decoder in ein Carrera Evolution Auto ein: Carrera 20030738 – Digital 132 BMW M4 DTM M.Wittmann, No.23, 2014 Fahrzeug Carrera Digital 132, Slot Cars, #Slotblog, #slotcars, Carrera Evolution, SCX, fly cars, slot.it, ninco, Revell, Porsche 904, Corvette C7, Lamborghini Huracan, Manthey Racing, Porsche 911 GT3, Carrera Digital-Decoder, #Digitaldecoder, @Pete Ruppert Slotcar UNIVERSE – Videos for slotcar fans!! AllGLORY2theLORDalmighty!
https://protinkertoys.com/products/corvette-c5r-10-aniversario-a-2008-96089-fly-car Information: # 96089 Fly Car Models 1/32 Slot Cars Corvette C5r 10th Anniversary A-2008 Limited. This Fly car runs great! Bring this car to your next scouting group. Plastic case could have damage. Please enjoy the video. Details: Item #96089 1/32 A-2008 Drivers You! Runs Great Fly Car Model FREE tech support 1-877-729-2099 #flyslotcar #slotcar #protinkertoys
Fly Porsche 908 conversion with Slot It parts for racing at Redhill Raceway in Santa Rosa, Ca.
Carrera BMW (special edition), Predator motor, and lots of pix of new Slot It cars to share this week. News sponsored by: https://www.lebhobbies.com/