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DISSECTION | FLY 1/32 Car https://protinkertoys.com/search?type=product&q=fly+ Dissecting a FLY car! Fly basically started in the 90’s the PINNACLE for appearance. The detail is amazing and we are going to dive in and find out why. I also go over why the older cars weren’t the best but now they are so good worth taking apart. You can improve and modify Fly cars but I want to emphasize you should take the car apart when you first get it!
some rare Flyslot BMW slotcars
Hey Albert and all Track Fans out there! Welcome to the latest edition to our growing selection of slot car track layouts, if you saw the Scalextric 2021 catalogue that was launched recently, you’ll also see the Scalextric Club Ford Escort MK1 released at the same time. In a previous episode – ‘what’s in the box’, we saw it emerge in all it’s glory! Here, we finally see the Scalextric Club Ford Escort MK1 down on trackside ready for a race on a big Scalextric Track Layout. Enjoy Albert, see you soon mate and you too Track Fans! ———————————————————— Useful [More]
Sliding around the track with a Fly Corvette.
Any racing car will need pit stops for maintenance – and in the world of slot car racing, slot car racers need tune-ups and clean-ups as well! Its good to know how to keep that slot car operating at tip-top shape, and the first step is always applying good lubricants on to all moving parts. Watch as Ryan explains and shows us where and how to apply hobby-grade lubricant oil on to cars, as well as how to maintain smooth running on slot car tracks as well! For the all-around Woodland Scenics Hob-E-Lube hobby lubricant set which Ryan uses in [More]
Slot club Calabroni Rossi – Gara 4 Campionato Fly Racing
https://protinkertoys.com/products/cric-crac-corvette-c5r-20th-anniversary-e123-fly-1-32nd-slot-car-ltd-ed-nib Information: Cric Crac Corvette C5R 20th anniversary #E123 FLY 1/32nd Slot Car Ltd Ed. NIB car runs great! Cric Crac is a shop in “La Masia, 26 Pol. Ind. Pla de les Gavarres (4,212.04 mi) Odena 08711” https://www.criccrac.com/. This was a special edition car made for this iconic slot car shop in Spain. Get this one of a kinda special car so you can enjoy racing now. Details: Item #criccrac 1/32 Driver – Cric Crac Runs Great Fly Car Model Strong Magnet FREE tech support 1-877-729-2099 #flycars #slotcar #slotcars #ProTinkerToys #criccrac
A quick and easy way to fix your older tyres