Scalextric F1 Car Review – Ferrari F60 C3051
I just set up this A.R.C. set and go through some of the settings and a race. It’s a pretty slick system, and easily the best out of the box system for 2 lane analog 1/32 scale racing.
Dale Luckhurst Marketing Manager for Scalextric takes you over what RCS can do.
A quick look at the new out (July 2014) Scalextric Set c1302, Monster Truck Mayhem! RRP £99.99
3 laps showing the short track, the medium track and the long track. Car used was AC Cobra made by Carrera. Looping desktop wallpaper. Is this the most in a small area? Please attach a link if you know of better.
Scalextric Digital Set Review: Pit Stop Challenge
Scalextric WOS, Wireless Overtaking System.