In this video I want to talk about the differences between these two slot cars manufacturers with as most detail as I can provide.
Scalextric Test Drive: Lamborghini Gallardo GT
En este vídeo jugaremos con un scalextric para los mas peques de la casa, mi primer scalextric es muy divertido no se salen los coches, tienen dos velocidades y las piezas para formar la pista a modo de puzzle. Espero que os guste.
Micro scalextric F1 cars, Benetton#5 & Fiat#28, a bit to much acceleration woops
A fun little video I made of a scalextric evening I had round a mates house. I know the commentary doesn’t match the cars but it sounds fun lol. Hope you enjoy it.
I got 2 minis, lap counter, controller, straight lane changer, and a bunch off barriers, all cost £130 just a quick video, i haven’t posted a video in ages!!
Scalextric Review: GT Lightning Purple