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Slot Racing SCX Compact Nascar Tri Ovalspeedway Circuit électrique 1:43
F1 track made for slot racing. built during 10/2009-04/2010 by Kai Hesbacher (GER)
Petite vidéo sur le magnifique circuit “Spa Francorchamps” de “Parislot” Echelle 1/43eme Rails Carrera Go! Déco réalisée par “Parislot” N’hésitez pas à visiter notre forum: https://www.circuitsroutiers-gentlemendrivers.com/index.php A bientôt!
Setting up the track at Awliscombe Parish Hall ready for a evenings racing.
En esta página puedes encontrar los modelos indicados, si no lo encuentras pregunta y te lo busco https://lapica.es/categoria-producto/recambios/guia-brazos-soportes/
Yes, slot race cars. 😀 Game: Slot racing? I don’t remember what it’s called… And here’s something cool: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lWInZ4N6C2g Support me creating gaming content on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/guard13007 Also there’s PayPal: https://paypal.me/Guard13007 Questions? FAQ: http://guard13007.com/faq Tell me what you’d like to see more videos of: http://guard13007.com/polls/youtube-videos.html If you wish to contact me: https://guard13007.com/contact
F1 track made for slot racing. built during 10/2009-04/2010 by Kai Hesbacher (GER)
This is a video about my personal Slotcar-Track, a Carrera Evolution (car scale 1:32; track scale 1:24). A lap length is 27.70m; the lap record is at 10.90 seconds. The sizes are 4.75m x 3.10m, the lowest point of the track is about 40cm above the ground. Furthermore there are about 25kg of aquarium gravel auround the track. The pit lane was build by me. The music of the video is “Head to Head” by Dr. Stephen Baysted, and it’s the Intro song of the great Racing game GTR2.
Qué tal amigos! Hoy iniciamos una nueva sección del canal, la cual tendrá todo lo relacionado al HOBBY SLOT! Es uno de mis hobbies favoritos y de los que más disfruto. Espero y también les agrade todo este mundo del SLOT RACING. Mi Instagram: hobby_choy