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Circuit Carrera Digital D132 – Slot racing
I love Go karting and race cars so I woule like to show you my latest set
Here’s the Disney Pixar Cars 3 Carrera Go Slot Racing System called fast not last. Throughout the 6.2-meter track, Lightning McQueen and Jackson Storm compete for the Piston Cup. They will have to negotiate tight turns, loop, and avoid collision at the crossing or narrowing. Thanks to the throttles, you will be able to control your two heroes and make them roll at crazy speeds. But be careful, you will need training to master the track and avoid road exits. Thanks for watching the #toy review video “Carrera Go Cars 3 Slot Racing System Lightning McQueen Fast Not Last Jackson [More]
Revised video of Rally Top End with cars, couldn’t get the sound to work so there’s music instead:
Australian GP, Malaysian GP, Chinese GP, Bahrain GP, Spanish GP, Monaco GP, Canadian GP, European GP.
Rennen und Plauschfahren – zusammen im Club. regiotvplus 19-KW-36