Copa ScaleAuto 208 Celebrada en Alhama de Almería el pasado 24 de Marzo de 2018 Música: Elektronomia – The Other Side [NCS Release]
Citroën Ami 6 berline Norev 1/43eme sur châssis Artin
En direct des essais Slot Racing Club de Bordeaux SRCB
This video is about Slot Car Drag Racing. I’ve added the full uncut version because of all the views the edited version of this video had. I’ll add more videos if the interest remain. I appreciate the comments. Thanks!
1 & 2 décembre 2018 24 Heures de Slot Racing du Mans 31,33 allée Claude Debussy 72100 Le Mans Informations complémentaires sur le forum:
Local tv news article about featuring slot car racing in Bourne End, Bedfodshire, UK
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Go Mario Kart 8 Race Track is the ultimate racing experience. Mario and Luigi fans will love it.Go Mario Kart 8 Race Track comes in scale 1:43 slot racing system. This Race Track has everything you need for hours of racing fun.
Blownaway models. I had a go of these slot boats on the weekend, lots of fun. Here are their details if anyone is interested to buy them.
A little clip of this race. On a 6 lanes Ninco Track who is a replica of the Circuit of Suzuka. 14 cars at the start, including1/32 scale GT and Prototypes “Le Mans” cars …