Summer fun in Alaska! We dont get too many sunny days so we have been almost living outside haha! Come watch bubs play with his 4 wheeler and unbox a new Spiderman web slinger toy!\r\rHERE ARE MORE AWESOME LINKS!!!\r\rMystery Eggs DC Lego Charers \rAvengers Age Of Ultron Surprise Mini Unboxing Part 1 \rAvengers Age Of Ultron Surprise Mini Unboxing Part 2 \rTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Surprise Minis unboxing part 1 \rTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Surprise Minis unboxing part 2 \rFrozen Mini Blind Boxes Funko Surprise Unboxing Part 1 \rFrozen Mini Blind Boxes Funko Surprise Unboxing Part 2 \rGuardians of the [More]
Buy from: Specifications: Brand name: Baisiqi Brand model: 42505-2C Item name: RC electric slot racing car set Car size: 10.0cm * 5.0cm * 3.4cm Car’s weight: 36g Total length of the rail: 480cm Package Information: Package size: 57 * 40 * 8cm / 22.4 * 15.7 * 3.1in Package weight: 2699g / 6.0lb Gift box package Notice: This RC model is not suitable for children under 6 years old. The package used for these series of product is the same, please prevail in kind. Carefully read the instruction before any use, if you are a beginner, it’s advisable to [More]
17-19.1.2014 Finnish G7 2nd Warm Up Race before the World Championships on 13-18 May 2014 at Laihia Mini Racing Club. 1st Yli-Sipola Juha 2nd Porttinen Jari 3rd Rautama Kimmo Gerding Black Ice.
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Présentation de la piste des marmousets après sa rénovation en 2018. Venir nous rencontrer :
Nouveau circuit NINCO 2018 de 28,50 m linéaire Slot Racing PSR57 Association Loisirs et Détente à Moyeuvre Grande. Contact : 0674091712
Ninco open class at HBMRC, Hawkes Bay New Zealand. NC-6 motors, magnets, 11 corners, 98 feet (30 metres), with 5 second laps. And these babies DO need to be driven, There’s no just “holding down the trigger”, because you’d need too much magnet and be a full half second off the pace. Yours truly is the guy with the big nose, front left. Gulf Mosler, 23 laps in 2 minutes (I had 3 offs, very poor for me)