Carrera Bahn Rennbahn / Slotbahn\r\r— Meine Carrera Rennbahn —\rCarrera Digital 132 — Hometown Racing (ehemalig Zimmer Racing)\r\rEine digitale Rennbahn mit einer Länge von über 22 Meter.\r\r———– Daten ———-\r* Länge : ca. 22,40 Meter\r* Verschiedene Kurvenradien\r* Steilkurventeile 2/30°\r* größter Höhenunterschied: 90mm\r* Stromversorgung: 14,8V / 3,5A\r* Zeit- und Rundenmessung: Carrera Rundenzähler & PC Unit\r\r————————————————————-\rEin Rennen mit McLaren M20, Porsche930/17, \rPorsche RS Spyder und Audi R10 TDi\r————————————————————-\r\r———————— Zeitskala ————————\r* Das Neue Layout: 0:27 Min. – 1:24 Min.\r* Der Boxengassen umbau: 1:36 Min. – 2:08 Min.\r*Übersicht der Rennstrecke: 2:20 Min. – 2:39 Min.\r* Die Start und Aufstellung: 2:43 Min. – 3:17 Min.\r* Das Rennen: [More]
Vidéo du 7ème Grand-Prix de Léguevin, la plus grande course de “slot-racing” de France. L’événement fêtait ces 10 ans et plus d’une centaine de pilotes ont fait le déplacement. Ce fût un superbe week-end, vivement la prochaine édition ! Réalisation : Grégoire Houdoy Musique : AC/DC – Shoot to Thrill Mes réseaux sociaux : – Facebook : – Twitter : – Instagram : – LinkedIn : – Google+ : © Grégoire Houdoy – Tous droits réservés
FOR MORE ANDROID GAMES -\rBlue Angels Aerobatic SIM by RORTOS \rBecome part of the BLUE ANGELS TEAM; try the aerobatic simulator licensed by the U.S. Navy!\rExperience flight at 400 mph just 18 inches from your partners wing and face the challenge of official maneuvers aboard F/A-18 fighter jets and a C-130 transport aircraft. An assisted driving system allows everyone to learn even the most extreme stunts and thanks to the three play modes, anyone can experience the thrill of a real aerobatic pilot according to their abilities. Do you think you are really an expert? Compete with the simulation mode [More]
Das ist ein Video über die Classic Slot Racing Box die ich bei Pearl Gekauft habe
I’m not sure what kind of gymnastics event this is, but it looks like fun… until you get thrown 40 …Avoid this mistake during your tap swing for a stronger, cleaner swing! FLY AWAY AND TAP SWING TUTORIAL GLIDE KIP TUTORIAL MERCHANDISE… This week on SGG, Colette teaches you how to do a beginner pullover on gymnastics bars. Thanks for watching! Music by Josh Woodward. GET ON AMAZON.COM: IRON CROSS AND GYMNASTICS STRENGTH TRAINER (Metal Adjustable Slot Handles): GET ON AMAZON.COM: POWER MONKEY RING THING, DREAM MACHINE:… Michele, GM of our sister company Doughnuts and Deadlifts [More]
Anki Drive Review Today we review the Anki Drive Starter Set. AnkiDrive is racing cars and video games and battle robots – all in one!\r\rThe Anki Drive Starter Kit Sells for $149 on Amazon -\r\r\rWe LOVED Anki Drive. It is so much more fun than slot racing cars. It is also more fun than video game racing cars. The ability to battle, upgrade the cars, race against friends and do it all without flying off the track – makes this so much fun to play.\r\rHere is more info on Anki Drive -\r\rGameplay\rUp to four Anki DRIVE cars can race per [More]