First preview of Slot Racing HD for iPad. Feel your heart pumping at each corner with slot car racing. Slot Racing HD is a slot car game for 1 or 2 players, with tracks of different difficulty levels and amazing scenarios, ranging from races in the snow to races in the desert with camels in the background. Just be careful to not slip away from the track or crash on your opponent while fishtailing at top speed! Go to and get your copy right now! Quantix Games • Take Your Time!
Présentation de la piste des marmousets après sa rénovation en 2018. Venir nous rencontrer :
Nouveau circuit NINCO 2018 de 28,50 m linéaire Slot Racing PSR57 Association Loisirs et Détente à Moyeuvre Grande. Contact : 0674091712
Ninco open class at HBMRC, Hawkes Bay New Zealand. NC-6 motors, magnets, 11 corners, 98 feet (30 metres), with 5 second laps. And these babies DO need to be driven, There’s no just “holding down the trigger”, because you’d need too much magnet and be a full half second off the pace. Yours truly is the guy with the big nose, front left. Gulf Mosler, 23 laps in 2 minutes (I had 3 offs, very poor for me)
Pixar Cars and Thomas and Friends fan presents Disney Pixar Cars Lightning McQueen Slot Car with Play Doh on the Race Track. We have a great Slot Car track, for racing Porsches, but my fav is Lightning McQueen, so we used Play Doh, and converted one of the Porsches into Number 95 Lightning McQueen. The car ually worked after I finished all the Playdough parts , and we were happy with the results. \rOur YouTube channel is called Pixar Cars and Thomas and Friends Fan, we have many videos and they are very child friendly. We have Cookie Monster , [More]
Carrera Bahn Rennbahn / Slotbahn\r\rCarrera Evolution – Pontiac GTO 1966 (Art.Nr. 25482)\rMain street´s the Place Limited Edition\rErscheinungsjahr 2002 – Limitiert auf 3500 Stück\r——————————————————————-\rThema: Slotcar – Umbau / Tuning\r\rDieses Modell hier habe ich gebraucht im Netz gefunden.\r——————————————————————-\r\rUmgebaut wurde folgendes:\r\r*Den Motor (E100) getauscht gegen einen neueren (E500)\r*Den schiebe Magnet ausgetauscht gegen einen neueren zum schrauben\r*Die Achsen und Felgen getauscht gegen welche vom Audi R10 TDi\r*ein größeres Kronzahnrad und Motorritzel eingebaut\r*Die Karroserie tiefer gelegt\r*Scheinwerfer und Rücklichter eingebaut\r\rTestlauf: ab 7:38 Min.\r\r——————–\rCarrera Slot Rennbahn – How to and Guide
Slot Car Drag Racing with Tippy & Andre at Tri-State Slot Car Raceway, Middletown, OH.