DRAWW – Scalextric Mini test and tune race

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The Digital Racing Alliance of Western Washington got together to test and tune the Scalextric crash resistant BMW Mini Coopers we are going to race next. After deciding to go with urethane tires, we found that the cars were too stuck down, even with relatively low magnet strength and the magnet up front. We ended up taking the magnet out completely, and adding weight to help reduce tipping and promote sliding. Most of us ended up with about 15g of weight in the available space of the chassis between the motor and the SSD DPR chip up front. The race in this video is a test race with most cars set up this way (though I think one or two cars were lighter, and at least one was heavier). Just for fun, I set this one up as a 50 lap race with fuel. Since Mike’s Pit-Pro wasn’t working, I turned off pit sensing, which allowed people to refuel on the track if they wanted to risk it. A few of them did so, but it didn’t help them at all. Since we’re still learning these cars with this set up, we didn’t use chips but kept going back on after every crash. Although we had a pretty clean start and good first couple laps, there was plenty of crashing, and therefore track calls. As you can see, it took a while to get through those 50 laps.

The important thing is that we had FUN! 🙂


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