Fly Corvette C5R Slotcar

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This time no Carrera, but a Fly Corvette C5R Slotcar (model ref. A121), scale 1:32 analogue. Unfortunately this car can not be fitted with a Carrera digital decoder.

The detail level is very high. inside the car (cockpit) and even beneeth the rear window. The motor is in the front of the car, between the front wheels. A schaft runs trough the car and is connected with (gears on) the rear axle. The front wheels are independent from each other. Dubble headlight and taillights. Fly is a Spanish brand and even the car is actually made in Spain (not China).

The car is a second hand (used condition). I bought this one, because I might want to join a slotclub (the clubs most drive analogue). And I like Corvette’s 🙂 (I also own a Carrera Digital 132 C6R and C7R Corvette).

Soundtrack: The Machine Assembly and Transmission – John Deley and the 41 Players


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