Hands on with Anki Overdrive

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The name Anki may be familiar to some of you. It was the surprise guest at Apple’s 2013 World Wide Developer’s conference where it unveiled Anki Drive, a robotics-based race car game the combined an iOS App control system with a real track and electric toy race cars. The $200 final product, which arrived in stores that October, was pretty impressive. It featured an oval-pre-printed rack and two cars that could read the road, see each other and connected via Bluetooth to the Anki app.With Anki Overdrive, though, Anki has gone more than a few steps further, creating what may be the best possible version of the classic slot-based, physical racing games. Each $150 started kit comes 10 pieces of straight and curved flexible track that snap together magnetically. There’s also some elevation pieces, a four-car charging base and a tire cleaner. During my time with the set, we must have done three or four different configurations. I only wish the slot systems of my childhood had been so easy.A


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