How To Make A Slot Car – Building Only The Main Part

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How To Make A Slot Car – Building Only The Main Part

Are you looking for what makes a slot car so fast? Well, I was looking for that too. So, I ended up making my own incomplete slot car. You may ask, ”Why the car is incomplete?” Well, I just wanted to see If I make my own slot car, how fast it will run. My intention wasn’t to build a fully functional slot car. So, I just made the main thing and tested it and I have to say, it was pretty fast. When the main thing was done, I was kinda playing with it and was checking its speed. Then I accidentally broke the gear. These things happened when the camera was off. But I really recommend to make a slot car in this way. Although this isn’t a step by step instruction of building a slot car with a chassis. This isn’t a how-to, but more of an experiment.

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