How to Make Slot Car Track with Lap counter and Lap Timer!

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Part 2 of the AMG GT3 vs Murcielago slot car project! Learn how to make Slot Car Track, complete with Lap Counter and Lap Timer!

I use wooden planks to create the base of the track, cut a slot and add Copper Tape to the create the tracks.

For the timing tower, I use a Max 7219 7 segment 8 digit display, and some LED’s. Everything is controlled using an Arduino and L298N motor driver.

The complete track drawings and Arduino Sketch is available to download from:!ArT2kHYq0csqkvNcVSenQVTnt9nWZw
Leave me a message if you face problems with the link.

I am only a beginner programmer, so the Arduino sketch might have room to be improved!

Before the race starts, the display shows “5 LAPS 5”, and 1,2 and 4,5 RED LED’s blink alternatively.
With the button press, race start lights operate as Formula 1 race start style and RED LED’s progressively turn on.
With the race sequence over, the display shows “GO”, and as soon as a car crosses the timing tower, the lap time starts and lap counter starts. With each car pass, the lap counter updates, lap time is stored. After 5 laps, the race ends, and the best time and total time are calculated and shown alternatively, with the RED LED’s blinking.

Keep watching BornToBuild, for the final video in the Slot Car Project series: The Race!! Who will win? The AMG GT3 or the Murcielago??


Circuits diagrams created on and

Major kits and bits used:
Grooved wooden planks (or you can use a single piece of wood if you have space)
6mm Copper Tape
Arduino Uno
L298N Motor Driver
Max 7219 7 segment 8 digit display
Hobby LED’s: Red and Green
Regular Wires
Soldering kit
Grey, Blue and White Paint
General purpose PCB
Switch, push button, BC547 NPN transistor, 220 Ohm resistors, 2 LDR, other general purpose resistors, 2 potentiometers, jumper wires, terminators
12V 2A power supply

Power Tools used:
Dremel 4000 rotary tool (
Dremel 3 in 1 Workstation (
Dremel Circle and Line Cutter (
Dremel SC544 Speedclic wood cutting bit (
Dremel wooden drill bit set (
Dremel Aluminum Oxide Grinding Stone (
Dremel Cut-off wheels (
Dremel 561 Spiral cutter (
Dremel Drill bit set (

Stanley hot glue gun (
Screwdriver bit set
Hobby knife (
Soldering Iron

Awesome Music track:
Anguish by Kevin Macleod!
Anguish by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence (


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