Remise des prix à tous les concurrents des 24H00 du Mans SLOT RACING 2013 du Club du SRC LE MANS Vidéo 24H00 du Mans 2013 SRC LE MANS 1ère Partie : Pesage – Contrôle Technique – essais Qualifs – Hymnes Nationaux et présentation des équipes par BRUNO VANDESTICK Vidéo 24H00 DU MANS 2013 SRC LE MANS 2ème Partie : Départ course – Période de nuit – Arrivée derrière Team NSR Vainqueur de l’édition 2013
This limited edition range contains some of the most legendary cars from throughout the history of motor sport and is a must for collectors, enthusiasts and slot racing fans everywhere!
Carrera Bahn / Digital / Analog\r\rKamera-Slotcar bauen für die Actioncam GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition\r\rIn die eingebaute Halterung passen auch andere Gehäuse von GoPro.\rIn dem Film wird das Kamera Auto für die Hero 3 + gebaut.\r\rDen Aufbau seht ihr ab der 0:51 Minute\rDie Testfahrt ist ab 8:15 Minute zu sehen.\r——————————————————-\rCarrera track / Digital / Analogue \r\rBuild slot car camera for the GoPro Hero 3 + Black Edition \r\rIn the built-in bracket also fit other housing GoPro. \rIn the film, the camera car for the Hero 3 + is built. \r\rThe building you see from the minute 0:51 \rThe test drive [More]
Click here Release: August 04, 2006 Genres: Comedy, Overview: Lifelong friends and national idols Ricky Bobby and Cal Naughton Jr. have earned their NASCAR stripes with their uncanny knack of finishing races in the first and second slots, respectively, and slinging catchphrases like Shake and bake! But when a rival French driver coasts onto the track to challenge their records, they’ll have to floor it to retain their top-dog status. Watch Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby in HD 1080p, Watch Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby in HD, Watch Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby [More]
A custom painted General Lee slot car races a 1970 Challenger T/A. This takes place on my home built slot car track. Check out the small details as the cars …
Saturday Night Slot Car Racing 96′ of Track 1/64 HO
Great friend of mine Ben, this is his video, his large slot car track he built in 1999 and the video also includes his ferrets Buddy and Gizmo and cat Petey …
Carrera disputada en modo ‘PEACE CAR’, es decir, entre Scalextric (coche gris y naranja, ambos sin luces) y yo (coche blanco con luces). En realidad, en esta modalidad de juego, Scalextric no compite contra mi, más bien se dedica a molestarme. Durante la carrera, sus coches circulan a baja velocidad, formando taponamientos, cerrándome el paso en los cruces y/o chicane y en algunos casos impidiéndome que reposte gasolina con normalidad. El circuito es de tipo WOS, creado en combinación del ‘Full Fuel Control’ y el clásico analógico ‘C2’ (forma de ocho). Dimensiones del circuito: – Ancho: 162cm. – Largo: 252cm. [More]