This is our home made routed MDF wooden track with coppertape raced non-magnetic!
Racing on a digital/analog slot car track with scenery themed on the “Pont des Miolan” Stage of the Monte Carlo Rally.
Excelente video donde compiten un Ferrari, un Mosler, un Porsche, en una pista con 4 rectas de miedo, disfrutalo
Great 1/32 scale figures of Super Stars…Different eras racing…evolution of cars.
Routered plywood slot car track. Finally got the traction down and the cars hook up really well. The track is 8×16′ and fully retracts up to the ceiling so I can park the suv in the garage. Have a ways to go yet on construction.
This is a video of the Tyco 6685 440-X2 Championship race track set with Nite-Glow. I originally owned this exact set in the early 80’s and lost most of the pieces some time ago. I recently had a desire to own the set again and found one on Ebay. I set it up in the layout as shown on the box. After setting it up I realized it was a lot smaller than I remembered. There is 60 feet of track, but I’ve recently been setting up a lot larger tracks for my other videos and this one didn’t seem [More]
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Great time racing at Kim’s Carrera track…love those long straighways… KEEP IT IN THE SLOT…!!!!
Check out the longest slot car track.
Inspired by the classic game Wipeout, these Japanese scientists use Quantum Levitation to re-create hovering slot cars. Watch them fly through the track!