Racing on my 4 lane HO scale race track. Track is on a 5′ x 12 1/2 table that stores to the ceiling of my garage. Total track length is 74′. Used Aurora AFX. Canyon Raceway, located in Toowoomba…
2 laps around my ninco slot car track with my Ferrari (15.000 rpm)
INTERVIEW AND SESSION FILMED FOR BALCONY TV LONDONPRESENTED BY IVAN BERRYPRODUCED BY VIDEO-BOX “If I had to say what my ambition was, it would be to follow in the footsteps of Williams, Dylan, Johnson, Waits and Young…playing my songs around the world connecting with people through the music”Sam’s music has a unique modern sound, a heady mix of soulful vocals , heartfelt passionate lyrics with tinges of blues, country, folk and soul , all played with a vitality that is fast becoming his trade mark style , truly unique and beautiful.After being taught to play the guitar at the age [More]
Our first attempt at a routed track for rally racing, it was made on a scrap piece of wood to test a routed track and to test our ability to route a track…it is now used by our young nephews…
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Nuevo video del Ninco Sioux de radiocontrol, el dessert truck al que nuestro amigo hiscarriote ha puesto a prueba en el duro terreno de dunas y arena, como si de un desierto se tratara. y como podreis ver, el Sioux es capaz de subir por cualquier lado, dar saltos, tener golpes,… y resistir ese duro trato. Mas info: Autor y edicion del video: histarriote ( Team)
This track works like analog, very smooth, better connections and a deeper slot. Good solution if you have SCX digital extra track!
2 ghost cars (first two) josh and I running our corvette and porsche. Sorry for the upside down view, I fail at computers.