Check out more music on Here is a new effort from Domino Music Group’s Afro-pop artiste; Kilans titled Drift (won damo cover) hosted by DJ TTB. You might recall Kilans from his 2013 cover of Patoranking’s Alubarika and his debut single CARAVANA, both were well received within the online music community. Here Kilans partners with Automaniac; a custom car workshop based in Abuja to deliver the soundtrack to their forthcoming webisode video series. Download and Listen. Also watch out for the Webisode video series from Automanic Follow on INSTAGRAM: @automaniac_kustomz Kilans — Drift (Won Damo Cover) Send Your [More]
Uno de los próximos 3 vídeos de Playmobil ® pirata. Dos cajitas y la colección de 4 bolsas de piratas con cañón. Podréis jugar con los cañones de estas referencias con vuestro móvil inteligente descargando la aplicación Kaboom.\r*En uno de los otros vídeos piratas podrás conocer varios barcos (6681*6682*5238*6678) Se les puede añadir un motor RC para poder navegar por el agua (5536)\r*Y en el otro vídeo pirata te mostraremos islas, viviendas y torres piratas (6679*4796*6680*4797)\r\r¡¡¡¡SUSCRÍBETE A NUESTRO CANAL!!! [\r¡¡¡¡VISITA NUESTRO BLOG!!!! [\r\r—–MIRA OTROS DE NUESTROS VÍDEOS——————-\r *Playmobil ® POLICE/POLIZEI/POLICIA [\r *Playmobil ® SAFARI [\r *Las mejores motocicletas de Playmobil [More]
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Anki Drive Review Today we review the Anki Drive Starter Set. AnkiDrive is racing cars and video games and battle robots – all in one!\r\rThe Anki Drive Starter Kit Sells for $149 on Amazon -\r\r\rWe LOVED Anki Drive. It is so much more fun than slot racing cars. It is also more fun than video game racing cars. The ability to battle, upgrade the cars, race against friends and do it all without flying off the track – makes this so much fun to play.\r\rHere is more info on Anki Drive -\r\rGameplay\rUp to four Anki DRIVE cars can race per [More]
Over 60ft of track, 4 helices, long straights and banked corners. Custom Tyco slot car layout “Mega Helix II”. Two modified power terminals running 20.8 volt…
Champion of the Track – Can you be the champion of the track? A slot loaded with cool features!
Désolé pour la caméra je ne filme pas très bien 😊😢❤️
Driver view camera on slot track.