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Visit for more about Radiator Springs Racers! Radiator Springs Racers is Disneys most innovative E-ticket attraction to date, .\r\rRadiator Springs Racers is the centerpiece of Cars Land at Disney California Adventure! This is a full ride-through in HD. The ride includes Mater, Lightning .\r\rCheck out our complete experience of Radiator Springs Racers! Radiator Springs Racers is a slot car dark ride attraction in Cars Land at Disney California .\r\rWe waited about an hour and a half to ride the new Cars Radiator Springs Racers ride at Disneys California Adventure Theme Park. Jillian barely made the .
The anticipation for the arrival of my Ford GT is building, and in the mean time Ford invited me to jump into their GT with Andy Priaulx for a run up the Goodwood hillclimb! Blasting flat out, it’s an easy reminder why the car is so truly special – I cannot wait! Getting started in the Supercar Paddock at the Festival of Speed, it’s straight into the car with Andy to head on out and queue for our slot on the track. With some quick highlights and a demo of putting the car into Race Mode, it’s then straight out [More]
BALCONYTV.COM 25/04/2007PRESENTED BY PAULINE FREEMANThe Kinetiks will release their debut four-track EP, “High Horse Olympics” in April ’07 on new Dublin based label Rapture Records. The release will be available in stores nationwide and to download from mobile service providers and online music stores such as iTunes, Napster, Downloadmusic.ie, Outersounds.ie, eMusic and HMV Digital etc. A nationwide tour is planned to surround the release.In the latter stages of 2005, after several months of murdering covers of tunes by The Beatles and The Who, Gary Harding and Sean Brennan decided it was time they wanted to make their very own proper [More]
Here is one of the slot cars actually running on the track. Will be fun when I get some competition, but for now wanted to get some video out. Uploading this…
2012 Scalextric/Slot.it 1/32 Slot Car National Championship Race 11
Super fast LEGO slot cars filmed at Brickvention 2013 Melbourne Australia. High speed crashes start at 2:50.
카레라 트랜스포머 슬롯카 개봉 조립! 파워레인저 다이노포스 티라노킹 마초 또봇 델타트론 그림록 리더클래스 장난감과 함께 놀아 봤어요. 트랜스포머4 오토봇 범블비와 락다운의 경주 누가 이길까요?Carrera GO!! Transformers Slot cars Unboxing Review Transformers 4 Bumblebee & LockDown Challenge RacingTransformers 4 Age of Extinction Leader Class GrimlockPower Rangers Dino Charge TyrannoKing
Amp draw reviewed. A demonstration with specific HO cars and their power requirements – a visualization with the power transformer amp meter readout.