Slot Car Race Track in Action with Linghtning McQueen and Francesco Bernoulli. Please “Subscribe”, Hi Disney fans! After the Cars 2 movie came out we found these new toys in the stores. Many of them are characters from the Cars 2 movie. Besides our showcasing New Radiator Spring Toys we Traveled to the new Carsland at Disneyland just so we could show you what the real Town looks and feels like. The Imagineers created a place that made you feel you are really in Radiator Springs. “Unreal”, is the word I would use to describe our visit to the new [More]
This was the Innagural Race on our new 54″ TKO track. It would also become Jake Rooker’s First Super Stock T-Jet win as well. Two Firsts in one evening!!
On this track the 1/64 cars can reach over 800m/h to scale. Also includes t-intersections, crossovers, squeeze track, a huge loop, a double loop and 4 Levels of racing.
Jan. 17 (Bloomberg) — Bloomberg’s Rich Jaroslovsky reviews the Larklife, a new fitness tracking band that comes with two wristbands, one for daytime, the other for night. (Rich Jaroslovsky is a Bloomberg News columnist. The opinions expressed are his own. Source: Bloomberg) provides material storage system storage solutions. It provides mezzanine flooring and different mobile shelving systems with storage racks and heavy duty pallet racks in UAE. some more links
fun on the mexican airfield rally track,finally got the copper tape all down and tweaking the details, here running the ninco gulf porsche and an old scaley focus both 1:32 on the 1:43 track..just to show that they fit (just), (ken block inspired) if you´re interested the build thread is here
Go behind the scenes of the Audi quattro® Experience – a one-of-a-kind interactive installation that put participants in the driver’s seat of a custom-made 1:32 scale Audi A4 to test their on-track skills using the world’s first iPad enabled slot car controller. Captured through the eyes of track maker David Beattie of Slot Mods USA, the film offers a unique look into his personal story, passion for the art of custom track design and the sport of slot car racing. It also delves into the process and challenges his team faced to execute a project with so many innovative features. [More]
1/32 scale RC Publix 18 wheeler converted to Slot Truck 1/32 scale Die Cast Tow Truck Powered by 2 Power window motors 1/32 scale Die Cast Makita 18 wheeler soon to be converted Carrera Track
Mannik / VSOP Hyphy : Track 11 ” Fuckin’ Life “Royal Mental Recordz
Mannik / Malsaint’s Song Feat’ D.O.G & Matthaeus Moz : Track 10 “Fuckin’ Life”Royal Mental Recordz