Mikey at the westland slot track
Around 1962-ish: Workers at Brecknell’s, Birmingham, hand-build a couple of portable slot car tracks from oilled hardboard & copper tape, surfaced in pale blue gloss paint & silver sand. The tracks link to form a huge circuit, which they race sometimes during lunch hours in the works canteen. (1969-ish, they also had a permenant multi-lane track in the attic of a local school). Late 2011: one of the original tracks is now in use again, after the copper tape was relaid. Magnets won’t help anyone here. (No idea if the other track still exists). -we run a variety of 1960’s [More]
Nelly – Hey Porsche [Official Track] _ NEW HIPHOP TRACK _ January 2013 Nelly – Hey Porsche [Official Track] _ NEW HIPHOP TRACK _ January 2013 Nelly – Hey Porsche [Official Track] _ NEW HIPHOP TRACK _ January 2013
Vardagsrumshobbyn nummer ett, bilbana! Vår 3-spåriga platsbyggda träbana Targa Norrhyttan i skala 1:32. Banan är 14,7 meter lång med tidtagning, varvrekordet är 4,79 sekunder. Jonas, Emilia och Eliot kör. Läs mer om den och andra banor i Bilsport Junior nummer ett 2010. /Our home built wooden 1:32 slot car track, Targa Norrhyttan in Sweden.
Super Stocks on Robbie Whiteed’s TKO. Mark is hearing foreign noises. Mike P and Dylan debut in MASCAR. Marshall returns to action. Donnie and Cliff travel up from North Carolina to race. Corey takes some pictures. A total of 8 rookies make up the field of 23 racers on hand for this event Thanks for watching and please help support Bootny Lee Presents by subscribing to my YouTube channel (www.youtube.com/bootnylee) and don’t forget to “like” if you enjoy it. Thanks, Brian
Custom Made slot track built in 2 days
Pista de autorama suspensa em apartamento (quarto 3x2metros) .Extensão da cordoalha 17m Sustentação em MDF, ferro e sistema automático transformando após içada em sanca. elevação por moto-redução, roldanas e cabo de aço.. Filmagem com camera dentro do carro, sistema FPV com gravação e visualização remota.
Quick sneak peek into the rebuilding of the 155ft Kingleman Track at the Penrith Slot Car and Hobby Centre!
A compilation of slot car crashes that were filmed at the 2010 Aussie Nationals in Rockhampton… With a high speed camera!!