A more comprehensive video of my (mostly) completed Scalextric digital track. based on the Catalunya circuit.(which is a region of Spain – Thanks for clearing that issue up Im just a far-away New Zealander who does love your beautiful country) Current track record is 7.6s but typical lap times are 8s depending on car types. Track is painted and whole circuit has been copper taped. Lap timing controlled via PC and LCD monitor with software by A Wallace. Works a treat and was well enjoyed over Xmas by the whole family. Complete build is documented here; http://www.slotforum.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=22998
tratto dal DVD del concerto di Eugenio Bennato al Tarantella Festival 2009 di Kaulonia,in vendita su http://www.luckyplanets.it/ “…Ho rivisto le immagini del mio concerto del 29 agosto a Kaulonia Tarantella Festival, ed ho pensato che quelle immagini era giusto pubblicarle, senza elaborazioni o tagli (tranne il minimo indispensabile) per documentare quellevento, la serata conclusiva del Festival, in cui la mia musica, arricchita dalla presenza dellOrchestra sinfonica di Reggio Calabria e dallArlesiana Chorus di Roccella Jonica, si è incontrata con quel pubblico pronto ad esprimere il suo protagonismo di depositario di una tradizione millenaria e oggi di un festival ormai più [More]
Custom Aluminum Chassis, SCX compact DTM parts (wheels, motor, axles), Body from CustomSlotcarRacing.com
Slot Drags Racing 1/24th Burnouts in Slo-Mo at the Henderson Miniature Motor Racing Club
MAKE SURE YOU CHECK THESE GUYS OUT! – http://www.thinkscalextricevents.co.uk/ Twitter – https://twitter.com/ThinkScalextric I turned his room into a scalextric park! Byron – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzqyzi-Cr3k-Ec98zyDu-Mw Caspar – https://www.youtube.com/user/dicasp Joe – https://www.youtube.com/user/ThatcherJoe SUBSCRIBE – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpE5VksCvp6lk35MJYlRs5Q Follow me on social media 🙂 Instagram – https://instagram.com/joshua_pieters Twitter – https://twitter.com/joshua_pieters Facebook – https://facebook.com/joshpietersyoutube/ Snapchat – joshpieters You guys can send me stuff here 🙂 PO Box: Josh Pieters Gleam Futures 60 Charlotte St London W1T 2NU Enquiries – josh@gleamfutures.com Like, Comment and Subscribe xoxo
A corner of a race between my Wife and I. We feel racing the 1/24 scale Carrera slot cars should be raced without magnets for better realism. (first car cornering alone is a 1/32)
Another HUGE slot car racing set with the Tyco 440-X2 Red Lamborghini flying around the track. I changed the layout so that I still have a lot of straightaway but also have a lot of challenging curves. Check out how fast I can go on the bank curves in front after the 3rd lap! I started speeding up and then finally crashed at the end. If you’d like to see something different in the layout, just post a comment and I’ll do my best to change it up! Since I posted my first video I’ve been amazed at the number [More]
Somewhere in California. Dramatic crashes on a jump – crossing! A kirfin production …
The most beautiful Scalextric slot-cars were made in Spain from 1965 until 1992. Scalextric es competicion! Without magnet of course!