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The Gilbert Slot Car Racer Set – Racing cars and also horse racers here. They race and jump and crash. A slot car, or slotcar is an electric miniature car guided by a groove or slot in the track on which it runs.
Toulouse-Lasbordes à Tarbes-Lourdes en TB10Grand soleil… au FL100 !
Skip the first 45 seconds to watch how much slot car racing has evolved. You can barely see this things racing on the track.
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Autorama Slot Car – Felipe Massa disputando uma corrida com Santiago no Programa da Adriane Galisteu. Venda, Aluguel e locação de pistas de autorama profissional para eventos. Veja sobre Autorama no site: www2.uol.com.br www2.uol.com.br www.autoramaslotcar.com.br http www.autoramaprofissional.com.br http www.pistadeautorama.com.br http www.portaldoautorama.com.br http www.autoramaestrela.com.br
Newport (Ymerodraeth State of Mind) features as the ‘And Finally’ story on ITV News at Ten!
How to convert an analog SCX car to digital
This man is a truly avid slot car racing enthusiast: He has designed and built his entire house with his childhood’s favourite slot car track in mind — the mythical and elusive Aurora Tub Track.