RIP Our Awesome Scalextric Set

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After buying our Ex-Championship full size snooker/billard table. My dad became disablied, this and the lack of interest freinds and our family had in snooker meant the snooker table wans’t getting used.

So, in order to keep himself busy my dad (who’s retired) set about to build a giant 13″ x “7” Scalextric set ontop of the snooker table (in a way where the table would not be damaged). After 2-3 years of construction it was complete.

Now, since we are moving house, we have decided to destroy the model, in order to open the room up and to help sell the house. Not only this but friends and famil also want to plkay snooker.

This model appeared in the Scalextric magazine and (according to the editor) was one of the best themed models he had ever seen.

ALL (but the stands and one other building) was built by hand. The benches, fences, walls etc. Eveyrthing was hand painted and featured 4 working lanes, including cats eyes in the tunnels.

The model is now destroyed…

RIP our awesome Scalextric set 🙁 🙁


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