Slot Car Worlds – ISRA 2015 – Eurosport 1/32 Final

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Footage of entire Final group of Eurosport 1/32 @ ISRA World Championship 2015, Chateau Štiřín, Prague, Czech Republic.

This is for all who missed the livestream!
Credits go to Zdena Vojtikova who filmed whole session.


00:00 Drivers’ presentation
02:26 Start
08:12 2nd segment
13:18 3rd segment
15:40 Alex Leite tyre change
18:23 4th segment
18:45 Alex Leite braid change
23:28 Petr Krčil tyre change
23:30 Vladimír Horký tyre change
23:53 5th segment
25:32 Petr krčil pit stop
27:40 Jaroslav Reček tyre change
27:48 Petr Krčil pit stop
28:38 TKV tyre change
29:57 6th segment
31:05 Paolo Trigilio tyre change
33:05 Petr Krči pit stop
34:46 James Cleave tyre change
35:00 Matti Fyhr tyre change
35:51 7th segment
35:52 Matti Fyhr pit stop
36:37 Petr krčil pit stop
41:14 8th segment
45:58 last minute of the race with a little drama


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