Slot Racing HD for iPad – Official Game Trailer

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Go Slots! Do you remember the time of the SLOT RACING games, when you used to spend hours watching your slot car flying down the track at a friend’s house or even on a professional circuit?

One thing is for sure, SLOT RACING brings back a lot of good childhood memories, and the best part of it: now you can have it all back on your iPad to play anytime, anywhere!

SLOT RACING HD is a slot car game for 1 or 2 players, with tracks of different difficulty levels and amazing scenarios, ranging from races in the snow to races in the desert with camels in the background. Just be careful to not slip away from the track or crash on your opponent while fishtailing at top speed!

And that’s not all, you can select your wheels choosing different cars and also mix them up how you like it, even racing a F1 car against an off-road rally!

With easy gameplay, control your car just with the tip of your finger. Each race is an exciting dispute, so accelerate as much as possible and enjoy every track on your iPad with SLOT RACING HD!


“Overall, this iPad-only game is entertaining and brings back memories of racing slot cars against siblings on Christmas morning, and every Saturday morning thereafter.” – Lory from AppAdvice

“Slot Racing HD is a fantastic slot car game for iPad” – Rafael Fischmann from MacMagazine

“Truly a beautiful slot racing game.” – F2959, iTunes user


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