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1.24 | Univers-Scalex le Slot Racing
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My latest Armchairracer delivery. Carrera 1/24 Lola T70 MK111B with a motor swap
Slotcar selber bauen für Slot Racing in 1/24 & 1/32. Im Eigenbau getunt auf der Carrera Bahn fahren. Der Modellbau Kanal filmt weitere Unikate Slot Cars, Slot Trucks, Slot Nascar, Slotcar Formel 1, Slotracing, Slotcar Eigenbau, Slotcar Holzbahn, Slotcar Rally, Carrera Bahnen, Slotcar Bahn, Carrera Bahnen, Slotcar Rennen, Slotcar Dreams, Slotcar Nascar, Slotcar Tuning vom Slotcar Reifen polieren, Slotcar selber bauen, Slotcars bauen wie Stefan Ott dem Meister aller Slotcarbauer. Sogar Slotcar Tracks über Slotcar Trucks und Slotcar Porsche CUP. Contact: Slotcars for slotracing or collecting. Slotcars was build by slotcar designer Stefan Ott. Please send all inquiries to the [More]
Footage of Eurosport 1/24 Final @ ISRA World Championship 2017, Hotel Santacroce Meeting, Sulmona, Italy. This is for all who missed the livestream! Credits go to Zdena Vojtikova who filmed whole session. ————————————————————————————————– Highlights: 00:09 Drivers’ presentation 02:05 Start 02:15 1st crash of the race 06:20 Janis N. in the pits 08:27 2nd segment 14:29 3rd segment 14:30 Ricardo T. tyre change 21:02 4th segment 23:36 Janis N. in the pits 26:50 5th segment 27:22 Janis N. in the pits 32:13 6th segment 33:47 Janis N. tyre change 37:37 Matti F. body change 38:22 7th segment 44:08 8th segment 48:28 [More]
Memberships https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyHXMVlcebJM9xXfaUONaBQ/join Boozer Merch https://teespring.com/stores/merry-boozer-rc https://callie-graphics.com/collections/merry-boozer-rc-squadron-emblems?page=2 Carrera Slot Cars https://carrera-toys.com/en Slot car racing is something that has been around for a long time. Its still a huge part of RC today, except it has gotten a bit of an upgrade since the original versions. Stop by tonight and see if slot car racing is something you could be interested in. We hope you guys enjoyed this video. Don’t forget to like and subscribe for more great content.
These Slot Car Bodies in glasfiber are made for Fein-Design-Modell.
Another intro video to Carrera digital slot car racing using multiple angles to film a 20 lap sprint. Some pointers on ghost cars and Yingling software.
I built up a miniature version of the 1967 Can-Am Ferrari 350 driven by Jonathan Williams. We worked all out to the maximum realism and which is reasonable for a slot car which will be moved also on track and in competition. In total more than 350 hours and a few self made parts made it come true. A Fein-Design-Modell Slot-Body kit was the base. At the 2018 version of the Fein-Design-Slotcar-Meeting the car won the “Best of Show”… enjoy the video !
The Shadow DN4 in scale 1/24 is made out of a german Fein-Design-Modell Slot-Body-Kitd. This is the test car from George Follmer. A Fein-Design-Modell chassis is fitted under the body. The car has its actual racing configuration as seen in historical races.
In part 1 of a two part chassis building series I go over a few questions that I have received over the years. I then show how to cut apart the chassis kit and prepare the individual pieces for soldering. I also show how to mock the chassis onto an assembly jig and prepare for final assembly.