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Racing driver reviews original 1/24 scale slot cars and compares them to real racing and real race cars. Instagram @caseyputsch https://www.instagram.com/caseyputsch
Testdrive of the new BRM NSU TT 1/24 slotcar on the scalextric sports track, driving great, a new class is born.
Simple starter, of layout, includes 2ea 1/42 Carrera Go Cars, can run 1/32 scale cars and 1/24 with upgrade. find me on ebay 123-caveman
The most important slot-car event in 2006, the final race with the greatest drivers of this era: Paul Gawronski, Piero Castricone, Paolo Trigilio, Petr Krcil, Jiri Karlik, Herman James, Vladimir Horky, Brian Saunders and many more as Lee Gilbert, Luis “Gugu” Bernardino, Lasse Aberg, Ernie Mossetti, Andy Brown Searle, Charles Gooding, Janis Rage-Ragis, Giovanni Montiglio, Paolo Niccolai and the presence of international legendary driver as Bruno Novarese, Franco Uliana, Pietro Razzano and more. (I can’t write all the more than undred names of international slot-car racing stars present at this event) Lucio Cocchi
These are the newly released Super Tires Silicone tires for the BRM Trans Am 1/24 slot cars. These tires offer superior to any other tire on the market.