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Footage of Eurosport 1/24 Final @ ISRA World Championship 2017, Hotel Santacroce Meeting, Sulmona, Italy. This is for all who missed the livestream! Credits go to Zdena Vojtikova who filmed whole session. ————————————————————————————————– Highlights: 00:09 Drivers’ presentation 02:05 Start 02:15 1st crash of the race 06:20 Janis N. in the pits 08:27 2nd segment 14:29 3rd segment 14:30 Ricardo T. tyre change 21:02 4th segment 23:36 Janis N. in the pits 26:50 5th segment 27:22 Janis N. in the pits 32:13 6th segment 33:47 Janis N. tyre change 37:37 Matti F. body change 38:22 7th segment 44:08 8th segment 48:28 [More]
Tournoi de Circuit 24 lors de la réunion annuelle du Club Dyane France 2017. Merci à François Munsch de l’avoir organisé et à Philippe Marion l’auteur du film
We’re at Le Mans 2017 and we’ve taken our new ARC Air Le Mans set along to join in the action.
Première manche du Challenge Slot Montagne, disputé à Cressy sur Somme, le dimanche 26 mars 2017.
Take App Race Control to the next level with ARC AIR All of the features of the original ARC ONE system with exciting new features such as wireless controllers New app features such as weather conditions and race incidents! Find out more here – https://www.scalextric.com/uk-en/shop/sets/app-race-control-arc/arc-air.html
Huntington, Long Island not far from the original Aurora Slot Car Factory
Carrera slot car racing track build with my Dad after getting some more track pieces for my birthday. Track and cars from Hobby Habit, Adelaide. August 2017