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https://protinkertoys.com/products/alfa-147-gta-a-743-88105-fly-car Information: 88105 Fly Car Model 1/32 Slot Car Alfa 147 GTA CUP. This Fly car runs great! Bring this car to your next scouting group. Plastic case could have damage. Please enjoy the video. Details: Item #A-743 1/32 Color White Drivers You Runs Great Fly Car Model FREE tech support 1-877-729-2099 #ProTinkerToys #flyslotcar #SlotCars #Slotcar Blog: https://protinkertoys.com/blogs/toys-and-more Contact Us: https://protinkertoys.com/pages/contact-us About Us: https://protinkertoys.com/pages/about-us Shipping: https://protinkertoys.com/pages/shipping Music: Bensound.com