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Analog and Digital Carrera 132 Slot Cars. The Carrera Evolution and Digital 132 Cars and Track with Disney Cars Lightning McQueen also my Cingular (formerly Bellsouth) Slot Cars. For most of the first part of the video we are setting up and trying the analog track. But we tried high banked curves from the NASCAR set and they do not work well when the cars are at low speed. After that we switched the the Digital which is much more fun. Love having the autonomous cars and being able to change lanes. Playing here with the slot cars with my [More]
A short ride with Nincos “ParkRacers” monster truck Skeleton. It came RTR complete with broken gears in the diff. After expert repairs (locking the diff using hot glue instead of grease) it now reveals its incredibly slow and unresponsive nature. Well what can you expect for 37.95€ ? At least the wheels have standard 12mm hubs. 😉
This is called Carrera Go Cars 2 race around the world track racing system with piston cup lightning mcqueen and racer francesco bernoulli from Disney Pixar slot cars. Carrera Go Speedway Series is a world class starter system for kids 8 and up similar to pitstoncup500 track. All sets include Turbo Speed controllers for added racing boost. There is an extensive variety of accessories for thrilling action. The track system has an Easy to Assemble bolt system. The street curves have red and white printed shoulders. All cars are fitted with double contact brushes. The Go Series and Disney Cars [More]