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Here I decide to get my slot car fix by, once again, building Scalextric track- but with a view to being able to dismantle easily.
In part 1 of a two part chassis building series I go over a few questions that I have received over the years. I then show how to cut apart the chassis kit and prepare the individual pieces for soldering. I also show how to mock the chassis onto an assembly jig and prepare for final assembly.
Getting ready to remake my track. This video talks about the good and bad things in my layout. You can use these tips to improve your own track design and save some problems in the future.
Our Carrera Digital 132 track was set up on the floor for years. We built a modular table system to get the slot cars up off the floor. The setup consists of four 4-foot x 8-foot tables that can be arranged in a variety of configurations to accommodate different slot car track layouts. The modular system also includes table extensions that are 1-foot wide by 4 feet long or 8 feet long These are optional, easy to install and remove, and can be used on the short edge or long edge of a table to provide more tabletop space. This [More]
Time lapse video of building 95 feet of Carrera digital 132 slot car track. Actual build time approximately six hours, two of which is just installing guardrails and lane dividers. Carrera track can run both 1/24th and 1/32nd scale slot cars. The track is a “double-folded dogbone” design, so although it looks like a 4-lane track in most places, it is two two-lane tracks running parallel in opposite directions. This allows a good deal of track in the smallest space possible. This is a seasonal track set up only for a couple of months each winter. The track layout was [More]
A list of items to consider when designing and building a digital slot car track. This video highlights features on a 95 ft (30 meter) Carrera Digital 132 track layout but topics apply to other slot car tracks like Scalextric and Ninco. Some items covered depend on whether the track is used for slot car club races or just fun with the kids. The video details the uses of shoulders, placement of lane change tracks, start/finish line, and pit lane as well as track power and marshaling considerations. Demonstrations of track features using the Pontiac GTO, Nissan GT-R GT500, BMW [More]
A short introductory on building slot cars for competitive racing. Completed for a class in the Audio/Video Production program at Cincinnati State Technical and Community College. Starring Dave Page as our expert, myself on voice-over.
As requested, sorry about the quality, I’ll try and record a better one in the day light!! With a bit of a commentary on how I’ve built the cars and wired the 4.5v Lego motors using a USB cigarette adapter. If you need anything else just ask…
How To Make A Slot Car – Building Only The Main Part Are you looking for what makes a slot car so fast? Well, I was looking for that too. So, I ended up making my own incomplete slot car. You may ask, ”Why the car is incomplete?” Well, I just wanted to see If I make my own slot car, how fast it will run. My intention wasn’t to build a fully functional slot car. So, I just made the main thing and tested it and I have to say, it was pretty fast. When the main thing was [More]