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Pista elettrica scala 1,32 ogni corsia e lunga rispettivamente metri 29,5 circa, escluso tracciato rally che sono altri 18,00 metri in più su corsia “rossa” – pezzi misti Policar-Polistil, Carrera Evolution ed autocostruiti in legno.-
Kids are unplugging from technology, and there is a resurgence in vintage toys and games! Now kids are turning to slot car racing and Carrera is going to tell us all about it! For more information www.carrera-toys.com/en.
Double loops, drive through a loop, 360° spin, over 2m straight, lane switches….so much going on here
Carrera 1/32 GT Tuning – Front Axle System Part 1
gallery en 10757609 10757608 Find this at Best Buy https://www.bestbuy.ca/en-ca/category/slot-cars/9043159.aspx Read the full review on Best Buy Canada’s blog: http://blog.bestbuy.ca/?p=141417
Check out my handmade trees for my Carrera Slot Car Layout
Another one of my hobbies explained a bit. Features some how to tips on customizing your racing.
140ft Carrera Digital Slot Car Layout Video showing a different vantage point.
We take a look at the premium slot car brand that is Carrera – famous for its high detail, Digital 132, European DTM race sets, as well as the smaller Carrera Go!!! series and Disney Cars tie-ups! Their line offers plenty of new sets and cars for every slot car enthusiast, from beginners to seasoned pros. And exclusive license agreements with Ferrari and Red Bull ensures true-to-life F1 racing! There’s a lot to see – so on your mark… For all the Carrera lines in store, click here: https://www.metrohobbies.com.au/collections/brand-carrera?sort=price-descending&_=pf&pf_st_availability=true For all Carrera Race sets in stock: https://www.metrohobbies.com.au/collections/slot-cars-carrera-race-sets?_=pf&pf_st_availability=true And for all [More]