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CARRERA | Univers-Scalex le Slot Racing
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Slotcar selber bauen für Slot Racing in 1/24 & 1/32. Im Eigenbau getunt auf der Carrera Bahn fahren. Der Modellbau Kanal filmt weitere Unikate Slot Cars, Slot Trucks, Slot Nascar, Slotcar Formel 1, Slotracing, Slotcar Eigenbau, Slotcar Holzbahn, Slotcar Rally, Carrera Bahnen, Slotcar Bahn, Carrera Bahnen, Slotcar Rennen, Slotcar Dreams, Slotcar Nascar, Slotcar Tuning vom Slotcar Reifen polieren, Slotcar selber bauen, Slotcars bauen wie Stefan Ott dem Meister aller Slotcarbauer. Sogar Slotcar Tracks über Slotcar Trucks und Slotcar Porsche CUP. Contact: Slotcars for slotracing or collecting. Slotcars was build by slotcar designer Stefan Ott. Please send all inquiries to the [More]
360 Grad des Fly Joest Porsche. Mehr Infos im Shop. https://www.overdrive-shop.com/1-32_3::Fly-Slotwings__Porsche
I have made some changes to my track. do we like it🤔 please comment and let me know
GB Super Truck Racing auf der FAST LANE – Der Film Vol.2 Mercedes Atego FIA ETRC vs Sisu SL 250 Ein 25 Runden Rennen mit den auf Carrera Digital 132 Umgebauten Trucks der Marke Fly . Auf der Rennstrecke FAST LANE = * 19,50 Meter Länge * 5 Spurwechsel * 2,36 Meter Boxengasse * verschiedene Kurvenradien * 10 Kurven Slot Car = MAN vs. SUSI Carrera Rennbahn Digital 132 / 124 ——————————– HPI / Baja / Losi / LMP / Reely / Traxxas / Himoto / Graupner / Tamiya / Carson / Vaterra / Absima ——————————– Märklin / Roco / [More]
Hallo liebe Slotcar Interessierte und Freunde, ein kleines Video mit einigen schönen Impressionen unseres Tracks. Wegen dem Lockdown und der kalten Jahreszeit, was gibt es hier für ein besseres Hobby mit der Familie als eine Carrera Rennbahn. Na der Name ist eben im Lockdown entstanden. Den bitte nicht so ernst zu nehmen. Viel Spass beim zusehen…. Viele Grüße an die Slotblog.de und Free Slotter Community. Bleibt GESUND!
Basic set up of a Carrera GO!!! (analog 1/43 scale) track and basic car maintenance. Shown are how to install a new guide pin, brushes and track connection clips. Carrera Go Track Set https://www.carrera-toys.com/en/1612/go!!! #carreratoys #carrerago
DISCLAIMER: This works for me on my track and cars. You may not have the same results. I use urethane tires on all my cars so the testing was done on those. I have used it on rubber tires before they were switched over to urethanes with the same results BUT not for any length of time so I can’t speak to the longevity of the tires. I have also used it on silicone tires but the results were not as drastic. I think maybe because the silicone tires don’t absorb any material. Like I stated in the video, Wd40 [More]
포르쉐 센터 용산 2층 라운지에 있는 슬롯카 트랙을 찍어봤습니다. 실제로 트랙 위에서 911 GT3를 몰아볼 날도 오겠지요? instagram.com/porsche.ysal 이곳에서도 볼 수 있습니다.
Carrera Slot Cars https://www.carreraslots.com/ Memberships https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyHXMVlcebJM9xXfaUONaBQ/join Boozer Merch https://teespring.com/stores/merry-boozer-rc https://callie-graphics.com/collections/merry-boozer-rc-squadron-emblems?page=2 When you get into slot car racing, there is a bit more than just throwing your car on the track and going nuts. There is some maintenance you need to do to make sure your cars are always running at their best. Tire cleaning, axel cleaning, and other little things. If you want to learn a good way to perform these tasks on your cars, watch this video. Also don’t forget to like share and subscribe for more videos like this.
A tour of my Carrera slot car track buildings by Magneticracing.co.