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Assemble a Carrera Digital 132 set from ground zero
Création d’un circuit SLOT CAR de la marque CARRERA, à l’échelle 1/43 de 15 mètre avec toutes sa décorations.
In diesem Video wir gezeigt wie man ein Analoges Scalextric Auto mit dem Carson Decoder, Kielkit und Steckerkit optimal digitalisiert für Carrera Digital. Carson Decoder: https://slotcardreams.at/index.php/produkte-kategorien/digitaldecoder/product/view/314/3181 Leitkielkit: https://slotcardreams.at/index.php/produkte-marken/scalextric/autos/scd0123 Steckerkit: https://slotcardreams.at/index.php/produkte-marken/scalextric/autos/scd0106
Our review of the 1969 Torino Talladega digital 1/32 scale slot car by Carrera. We ran two of these on our test track we designed to include as many slot car track elements as possible, including radius 1, 2, 3, and 4 turns, a banked turn, a bridge section, and a long high-speed front straight section. The Torino Talladega slot car exceeded expectations as they handle better and are quicker than we thought they would be. They aren’t quite as fast as some of the other digital slot car offerings by Carrera, but would run competitively with cars such as [More]
Alrighty Guys and Gals, Carrera has always been a huge name in slot car tracks. This is the first track i’ve ever tried from Carrera. We were pleasantly surprised!!! This thing is so much fun!!! Check it out and see what you think. We love you all!!!! See you tomorrow!!!!!!
Even the smallest family members can experience Carrera fun! Thanks to the ergonomically adapted manual controllers for smaller hands and super easy racetrack’s construction, children can get their FIRST experience with home racing! Children from ages 3+ can now grab the controls and speed around the child-friendly racetrack and play with their favorite heroes from television and comics. For more great content, visit our social pages https://www.facebook.com/carrera.america/ https://twitter.com/carrera_usa https://www.instagram.com/carrera_usa/ https://www.carrera-toys.com
RC Channel feat. CARRERABAHN DIGITAL Slotcar Fans Umrüstung von SLOT.it Gruppe C Rennwagen #Carrera DIGITAL 132 mit Digitaldecoder von Frankenslot, Jack’s WORLD meets SLOTBLOG !! JackJack & Roland bauen DigitalDecoder in Slot.it RennAuto ein: #Frankenslot, Nissan C88, Porsche 956, Jaguar XJR12, Gruppe C Rennwagen, 24h Le Mans, Carrera Digital 132, Slot Cars, Slotblog, #slotcars, Carrera Evolution, SCX, fly cars, slot.it, ninco, Revell, Porsche 904, Corvette C7, Lamborghini Huracan, Porsche 911 GT3, Carrera Digital-Decoder, Digitaldecoder, @RC Toys CHANNEL videos for slotcar fans! AllGLORY2theLORDjesus!
This is our slot car track we have built based on the Carrera digital 132 system. Rustic route style. The length of the crossing section is 22 meters (72ft.). Full size of the model 5×2 meters (17x7ft). Hope you enjoy. Follow us Facebook.com/scatoo-design Instagram.com/scatto-design You want to order a custom track? Contact us. info@scatto-design.com
We removed the magnets from our Carrera 1/32 ’66 Pontiac GTO and Porsche GT3 RSR slot cars to run a few races. Whether you refer to it as No-Mag, No Magnet, Magnet Free, or Magnetless, the idea is the same — the slot cars don’t have as much traction thus a more delicate touch is required to drive. The timing on braking points, speed carried though a turn, and throttle management is more critical than when running the cars stock. Races are run on a Carrera Digital 132/124 track approximately 75 feet long. Other slot car videos: – Carrera Digital [More]