The new Carrera red fencing. This is a bulk pack of fences that’s 20 meters/65.62 feet in length. Intended for a dealer to cut by the foot for a customer or a hobbyist with a large track. For more great content, visit our social pages
GO cars-How to clean your tires, set the brushes and stay on the track! For more great content, visit our social pages
RB MOtorsport, Autorama Digital, Autorama GOSTOU DO VÍDEO, SE INCREVA NO CANAL: YouTube: Pista Carrera 132 Digital – Slot Cars Autorama Digital – Carrera 132 – Pista com 111 metros
DMX Racer Next Generation Slot Cars Racing
I had a fun time playing with Sally for the Disney Cars movie. She is a Porsche 911 Carrera and the slot cars are Carrera Go! Please subscribe:
Stacey brings back the Drag ‘N’ Wagon to see if he can get the beast to breathe some fire! The first thing he puts on is an ATI supercharger system to get some air sucking in. Then adds some hotter coils to help light the flame…and finally slaps on a bigger exhaust system to help blow the air out. If you are wondering how to make a street beast out of an entry level truck, this show spells it out. Then it’s on to the world of slot cars, as Stacey explores the past, present, and future of the little [More]
I was invited to try out Carrera’s amazing 1/32 scale slot cars and a Digital Track. Here is a look! Want to see more? Carrera on Amazon: Ethan’s story: