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Ferrari F40 vs Ferrari F40 – Carrera First! || Cars Slot Racing Track Subscribe To My Channel! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFtgV47HgjcnO5sB3ic4enQ
The very different but very cool slot car from Japan. This is a blend of RC design and slotcar. Very very unique. Special thank you to SCALEXSELLER for recommending this amazing slotcar to me
Home made slot car track. Timber construction – painted surface is grey flat acrylic with copper tape for power. Non-magnetic surface so cars need a bit of lead weight to keep them stable and urethane tyres for good grip. Once the tyres are ground true and run for a while the cars can really fly.
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Simple trick to make ghost car lap times better. Controlled cars have more decisions to make to negoiate turn.
my latest slot car delivery from Simon slot cars on Facebook and a look at Flyslots Alfa Romeo 147
Subscribe to my Channel https://bit.ly/2HeJFpp Instagram @javiermota https://bit.ly/2HsgbU9 #javiermota #autosjaviermota #testdrive I love my cars … big and small and my Carrera DIGITAL 132 Digital slot car tracks for the whole family Experience digital technology with a vehicle scale of 1:32 with Carrera: Up to six vehicles can drive on the racing track at the same time and overtake the opponents by changing lanes using the DIGITAL 132 racing track system. Thanks to the digital features, you can experience the real racing feel on particularly wide racing tracks on a scale of 1:24.