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You’ve been working on your Challenger all afternoon under the shade tree on a hot summer day. The final turn of the wrench and you’re done… You turn the key and the engine rumbles to life. A few minutes later and you’re heading downtown for some light-to-light racing. Slowly rolling down Main Street and that Mustang you’ve been hoping to see pulls alongside you and pops the throttle. His tires chirp as he looks across at you with that sneering grin you want to wipe from his face. A quick stab on the gas and boiling smoke rolls off your [More]
Scalextric American Police Chase Set
Today on Izzys Toy Time we are playing with cars for kids! Check out this awesome Hot Wheels Super Loop Chase Race playset! We get out all our favorite Hot Wheels and Fast Lane toy cars! Our family had lots of fun playing with these great toy cars!\r\rMore videos from Izzys Toy Time:\r\rHot Wheels and Fast Lane Police Station Playset with Kinetic Sand | Cars for Kids\r\r\rWolVol Military Transport Car Carrier Truck and Hot Wheels Fire Station | Cars for Kids\r\r\rCars for Kids | Disney Pixar Cars Story Sets Collection | Toy Cars for Kids\r\r\rThomas and Friends | Thomas Train [More]
This was the iconic slot car set Matchbox launched in the late 70s. It became a massive hit, and the biggest selling set in the Powertrack (Speedtrack in the US) range – appearing on most Christmas lists at the time. You can see here why it was such a smash hit.
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Somewhere in southern germany there is a mountain, called ‘Turbo Mountain’. See what happened …
Hola!! Ola admiradores da coleção diecast Disney Pixar Cars 2. Sejam bem vindos ao meu canal de toys Disney Collector! Nesse canal sempre estarei mostrando os últimos lançamentos em brinquedos e carrinhos de metal die-cast da Coleção Carros 2 com 1:55 de escala do fabricante Mattel. E super divertido colecionar esses carrinhos de metal em escala 1:55 scale die-cast. A garotada vai adorar! E não perca os novos episodios do seriado Cars Toon Mater tall tales do canal da Disney com Mate e Relampago Mcqueen. Nesse video estarei mostrando 5 carrinhos de metal 1:55 scale do fabricante Mattel toys chamados: [More]
From Disney Pixar cars 2, this is Francesco fan mater chase deluxe die-cast, a brand new new release from mattel toys. This is a 1:55 scale diecast original and exclusive to mattel. Francesco fan mater is # 4 out of 6 cars from maters collection. \r\r\rHeres how Cars2 is called in other countries: Arabalar, Autogrotesky, Аутомобили Cars2 Arabalar 2 Auta 2 Auti 2 Automobili 2 Autod 2 Autot 2 Bilar 2 Bilar 2 Cars 2 Carros 2 Les Bagnoles 2 Mankanebi 2 Masini 2 Ratai 2 Тачки 2 Tachky 2 Verdák 2 カーズ 2 Les Bagnoles animées Cars Motori Ruggenti [More]
From disney pixar cars and cars2, here we have 4 lightning mcqueen cars. Purple low and slow mcqueen, bug mouth lightning mcqueen, radiator springs cruising and UK international from disneystore. Racer McQueen disguises himself as Ramone, with his custom purple paint scheme and Low-n-Slow licence plate. International UK and purple-mcqueen are 1:43 scale diecasts. Radiator Springs cruisin and bug mouth are both 1:55 scale die-cast from mattel toys.\r\r\rMusic by Kevin Macleod.\r\rAccording to wiki pixar racer 95 is sponsored by Rust-eze racing his first pistoncup race. Hes best friends with Mater from Radiator Springs. He also appears in Cars Toons Maters [More]