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Learn how to build your own digital lap counter for a slot car track using an ESP 32, some Neopixel LEDs, and infrared sensors. Maker Monday is presented by Paessler https://www.paessler.com/ Also have a look at our blog: https://blog.paessler.com/ Click here for links related to the episode, and other information. Every 2 weeks, IT Admins from Paessler will put the “smart” into “Smart Home”, as they take you through steps for creating a home automation system using some cheap and easily-accessible hardware and programs. They’ll start off simply enough, but the complexity will grow over time. If you have ideas [More]
This is a ninco pole position electronic lap counter item number 10403 this is for ninco 1/32 slot cars
Part 2 of the AMG GT3 vs Murcielago slot car project! Learn how to make Slot Car Track, complete with Lap Counter and Lap Timer! I use wooden planks to create the base of the track, cut a slot and add Copper Tape to the create the tracks. For the timing tower, I use a Max 7219 7 segment 8 digit display, and some LED’s. Everything is controlled using an Arduino and L298N motor driver. The complete track drawings and Arduino Sketch is available to download from: https://1drv.ms/u/s!ArT2kHYq0csqkvNcVSenQVTnt9nWZw Leave me a message if you face problems with the link. I [More]
Video showing Pc Lap Counter for Scalextric Digital C7042 and Pit Pro deluxe. The video show also the use of a Phidget interface to apply yellow flag, control starting lights and other lights, remote control of Pc Lap Counter by using external buttons
Circuit scalextric avec pit pro de luxe et Pc lap counter fonctionnement plus détaillé de la course
This is a video I made to show how to get this counter to work with HO slot car tracks.
Ninco N-Scorer lap counter with power adaptor DC 6v
Main Line Hobbies Slot Car Lap Counter
* Click Link: http://tinyurl.com/mn2ayhb/pc-lap-counter/dm315a PC Lap Counter * FREE SOFTWARE 2014. PC Lap Counter PC Lap Counter pc lap counter pc lap counter keygen pc lap counter activation code pc lap counter scalextric pc lap counter serial pc lap counter crack pc lap counter registration key pc lap counter scalextric digital pc lap counter free download pc lap counter manual Get a lap timer program for your slot car race set. (Software) So again the PC Lap Counter 2013 Download brownie loses as it will be softer plus easier to chew that a hard or crunchy nut bar. So today [More]