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#Carrera132, #SlotCarTrack, #CarreraDigital132, #SlotCarRacing 3-car race on a 150 ft custom carrera digital track. Race shot from different angles and speeds. 👍 See my other videos about my carrera 132 digital track (wireless)… The Carrera Digital 132 series allows you to race up to 6 drivers at once. Cars Racing on video: Ferrari 458 Italia GT2 AF Corse, No. 71, 2012 Aston Martin Vantage GT3 BILSTEIN No. 97 Silverstone 2013 BMW Z4 M Coupé Schubert Motors
Time lapse video of building 95 feet of Carrera digital 132 slot car track. Actual build time approximately six hours, two of which is just installing guardrails and lane dividers. Carrera track can run both 1/24th and 1/32nd scale slot cars. The track is a “double-folded dogbone” design, so although it looks like a 4-lane track in most places, it is two two-lane tracks running parallel in opposite directions. This allows a good deal of track in the smallest space possible. This is a seasonal track set up only for a couple of months each winter. The track layout was [More]
Revised video of Rally Top End with cars, couldn’t get the sound to work so there’s music instead:
Great scalextric digital track in my room, more videos still to come!
http://EpicRacing.Co.Uk At our slot car racing club (Fulham Digital Scalextric Club) we don’t race Volvos, we race Mini Coopers mostly. But this is a cool ad which hopefully will encourage our members to stay on the track. At the FDSC London Scalextric Club we have entered a new age for Scalextric with Multi-Car Racing and Lane Changing Get ready for an altogether new Scalextric experience and some great action-packed racing with the new added fuel strategy. Using the latest advanced digital technology, up to six cars can now race at any one time. They can even change lanes, overtake and [More]
http://www.lddiscounts.co.uk/ Looking to convert your analogue digital plug ready car to digital? We show you how to do the simple process of fitting C8515 to your car, it only takes about 60 seconds and all you need a small philips screwdriver.
Welcome to my first video. Our home has been the family gathering place for the last few years. This is my attempt to give the kids something to do when we together. It turns out we’re all kids. Watch till the end for a short race video.
Carrera has developed toys and hobbies for all ages, in this video you will see the difference between the big boys slot cars and the youngters one.