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If you liked this track build, please check out all my other builds on Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/Monster_Hobbies #slotcarracing #slotcartrackbuilding #monsterhobbies
Circuit Carrera Digital D132 – Slot racing
petit vidéo pour montrer qu’il est possible de faire marcher des voitures analogique avec une control unit digital et des croisements une vidéo supplémentaire sera fait pour l’explication
Hola, primera toma de contacto del nuevo sistema digital de Scalextric, Advance,en siguientes videos lo mejorare seguro. Canal patrocinado por Creaciones 3D https://www.facebook.com/Creaciones-3D-2218017283124i33/ Hello, first contact of the new Scalextric digital system, Advance, in following videos I will improve it for sure. Channel sponsored by Creaciones 3D
Modifiée avec une puce carrera digital 132 cette r5 turbo de 1981 sortie par fly slot roule parfaitement sur mon circuit carrera digital 132. J’ai dû faire quelques modifications au niveau du châssis mais rien de très important.
Circuit Carrera Digital D 132 – Slot Racing
A few laps with 1/32 scale slot cars running on a 95ft. Carrera digital 132 track. We run 5-9 heat races/qualifiers depending on how many drivers we have that night. Top qualifiers automatically qualify for A-Main. All others run B-Main. Winner of B-Main qualifies to run in A-Main. Two ghost cars are run as well. We regularly incorrectly refer to the ghost cars as pace Cars, however. A driver that runs a ghost car off the track must serve a penalty of three stop-n-go trips through the pit. Fuel tanks are set so that cars get about 7-8 laps on [More]
#Carrera132, #SlotCarTrack, #CarreraDigital132, #SlotCarRacing 3-car race on a 150 ft custom carrera digital track. Race shot from different angles and speeds. 👍 See my other videos about my carrera 132 digital track (wireless)… The Carrera Digital 132 series allows you to race up to 6 drivers at once. Cars Racing on video: Ferrari 458 Italia GT2 AF Corse, No. 71, 2012 Aston Martin Vantage GT3 BILSTEIN No. 97 Silverstone 2013 BMW Z4 M Coupé Schubert Motors